I became a work-from-home professional

I am a supermom for my kids & a hardworking writer for my clients! I strongly believe that pen is mightier than a sword and a good piece of writing can revolutionize the whole world! What do you like about being a freelancer? Here are my 4 most favorite things about being a freelancer. Being a freelancer: I get the freedom to work from any place, any day and any time. I get to choose projects & price which I like andIt takes the following things: Keep on trying every opportunity that you get. Always deliver original, creative and well-researched work. Meet the deadlines. Remember, time is an important factor for you and your client as well! Commit only when you can actually do it! Charge reasonably keeping your experience & skills in mind Always keep your client updated about the work progress. How did you get to know about Truelancer

I was looking for some authentic

I start working at 10 am morning and set priorities. If I have lots of projects, I try to work for 15 hours, or else I enjoy meeting with new clients, consult them and I love to play “Play Station and Mobile Games”. I tend to update all Australia WhatsApp Number List my clients as the day progresses and based on priorities. Hire Vandit How does freelancing compare to a 10-7? It is a completely different experience. The best part is I get money for my efforts. I feel that I have become more sincere towards delivery and quality compared to the time when I used to do a regular job; 10-7 for me was a fixed salary – freelancing now means no limits per month. I can attend any important functions and events by adjusting my time without seeking permission from anyone. One more thing.

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I travel a lot and I can simply work

Carrying my mac with me anywhere at anytime. Must Read Freelancing In Indonesia – Why You Should Consider Freelance Work Learn more about freelancing What benefits have you found by using Truelancer? Working through TruLancer makes it very easy to manage the projects using the work stream. Another advantage is the ‘SELL SERVICE’ feature which helps get more potential leads and that is the Executive List most amazing thing. Also, don’t underestimate the dashboard part where you can easily find the stats, work streams and invites in one place. What does your future hold? Where would you like to take this? I am currently focusing on the mobile app UI/UX and I would like to get specialized at some point as I am developing a small freelancing team under me to help me in additiona.

Commendable accolades in a fast span of time

They certainly deserve the appreciation. Curated Graphic Designer at Truelancer January  by Mohd Danish Sharing is caring. Continuing with our series of featured freelancers, today we proudly present to you an Amazing Graphic Designer Vandit Shah who is always known for her outstanding creativity. Tell us a bit about yourself. Well, I came from what I would call a “not so wealthy background”. My dad couldn’t work because of a heart condition so my mum was the main breadwinner. I always admire her strength and determination and courage. I’ve always had an eye on UI/UX and was fond of finding inspiration for Mobile App UI, Website Design, Logo Design, Brochure Design, Banner Design and so on – I was convinced that I would work in an environment related to the UI/UX and will consult a needy persons as and when needed.

I started working as UI/UX designer

For a small start-up company. When I got a good grip on project communication and design tools I began to work as UI/UX director and app consultant. Once I Argentina WhatsApp Number List was experienced. I was approached by some friends for freelancing – it went well so I got into it. All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work. How did you get into freelancing? When I was younger, I always knew that design was my talent I just didn’t know which direction to take it in. My parents persuaded me to study business studies and work in Bank. Well, I hated the business studies! So much so that I never actually made it to the Bank job!! I always remember waiting for the number 20 bus.

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Read 65 years Old Retired lady

Help out her family during Medical Emergency by doing Freelancing. What was your first job like on Truelancer. My first job was to create designs for an application; the client was just known French and I’m an intermediate learning French, who asked me to plan and design his app idea; we did it within his budget and he was extremely happy. Build your own Remote Team What is a typical day like for you? I usually Executive List wake up early at 6:30 AM IST. I always try to stay fit so I do exercise and run for half an hour. Once I am done, I take breakfast with all emails, notifications, and Skype opened up and I begin to answer them. I focus on replying to new leads first in a detailed manner, and I update ongoing projects to clients before they sleep.

Continuing with our series of featured freelancers

Today we proudly present to you an Amazing Content Writer and a very chilled out mother Sehba Jalal who is always known for her content Writing. Tell us about yourself. Hi! I am Sehba Jalal – a simple girl with high thinking! I am a freelance content writer with a rich experience of 7 years. Having a journalism degree and a born attitude of curiosity has given me the courage to explore and dig a variety of niches in the career as well as writing. Why and when did you start freelancing? I started freelancing 5 years back because I hated the idea of leaving back my little ones at home and go to office for a 9 to 5 job. At the same time, I knew that if God has given you some talent, He will help you utilize the same. Gathering my writing skills, experience and determination together.

I get to save on time that is

Wasted In getting ready for office and commute. Last but of course, not the least.I can work in my pyjamas  Sehba With her Kids What are the challenges you have found in your freelancing career? First things first! Freelancing career Algeria WhatsApp Number List needs lot of patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day! You need to wait and at the same time keep on clicking various opportunities. It takes few good projects, good clients and lot of hard work to build your own positive reputation in the market. I did the same with lot of patience. Also, it was challenging to found good project initially but I kept working on whatever I received. This strategy helped me earn good reviews and rates which further led to receiving good projects. Start Your Freelance Career Today What according to you does it take to be a successful

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I was not satisfied with the ones

I was associateAnd then, my online research gave me a positive result in form of Truelancer. What do you think about working on Truelancer? It’ really a delightful experience! You get ample of projects. The site also keeps you updated about new opportunities that match your job feed. Hire Executive List Sehba What do you like doing when you are not “Freelancing”? When I am not “freelancing”, I am thinking about it! Honestly, it never leaves my mind and heart as writing is in my genes! However, I love spending time with my hubby and kids as that keeps me going on. Apart from this, I like watching movies of adventure & horror genre and enjoy listening to some soft music too! Well! Sehba seems determined to make her way through and come out on top. Our featured freelancers are those people who have

Amazing content made by black people

In your series marathon, how many were starred and directed by black people? How many black influencers do you follow, follow and admire? And, among all the new podcasts you’ve discovered, how many chances have you given to hear what black people have to say about topics far beyond racism. Thinking about all this. Yooper separated some indications of content made by black men and women that you need to know to broaden your vision. Check it out below and include these excellent works in your list of content to read, see and hear.

Amid the social invisibility in which

she found herself, Carolina genuinely recorded her memories in the  in São Paulo. Black presents the concept of Black Psychology, in a theoretical and experiential Albania WhatsApp Number List study by psychiatrist. Psychoanalyst and writer Santos Souza on the emotional life of black people. The work addresses the concept that being black is a process. As it deals with the initial self-rejection. The turn towards awareness of their value and beauty), the search for social ascension, the demand for to match the (white)  and the myth of racial democracy.

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Content thought to be a circle of close

Friends on the web, with an atmosphere of proximity to talk about everything. With great sweetness, sensitivity and poetry, Natália Sousa speaks in the first person and with great transparency about her own experiences. The reports Executive List make it seem easier to face, as she herself describes. The right steps and memorable falls in each one’s path, the conquests and misfortunes of life. For all these reasons, she gets closer to the listener, making us feel “warm in the heart” after listening to each episode. What is a black dot in the Brazilian podosphere. This is how the creators of Lado Black present themselves. A podcast to inform and celebrate black culture in such a punctual approach that the listener has an immediate identification.

Why create a blog?

A study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute interviewed 800 marketing professionals, where 31% of respondents reported that they plan to start investing or continue investing in content marketing tools in their strategies. Tools that help the production of content can improve the results of your blog. This is because it is possible to create valuable content for your customers. Making them identify and have a greater interest in the products and services that your company offers. Increasing conversion and the number of sales. If you’re wondering if it’s worth investing in a blog, know that the benefits are many, such as making your brand more visible and credible on the internet, acquiring a deeper relationship with the public.

Helping consumers on their journey

To sales funnel, conquer conversion and sales opportunities, in addition to acquiring brand authority in the market. Check out our article on the importance of  content marketing in the sales funnel . How to have a credible and successful blog To achieve everything that a successful blog can offer your Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List brand, it is important to know how to use this network. We are going to present 5 important points for your blog to be successful and for your team to achieve their goals through it. Be professional For your blog to have the desired success. It is necessary that you maintain a good posture and behave like a professional on the net, showing seriousness in the subject that you present. Today, your audience expects content that has authoritative quality.

Try to invest your time acquiring

More experience in what you say so that your blog stands out among the competition. 2- Know who your persona is A very important point before planning content is to know who it will be intended for. It’s no use making a beautiful Executive List text if you don’t know who your real audience is. Create a persona for your brand and take the time to research  looking for and what their needs are. Identify your age, gender, location, what you work with. What your demands are, everything you find relevant to start creating content that represents your audience. To create your persona, it’s important to invest in research agencies and data analysis. And we at Yooper can help you identify your audience to guide your digital marketing strategies.