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Indee, when calculating the GRP indicator, it is assume that the first broadcast was watche by people X and Y, and the second broadcast by A and B. In fact, in both cases only people X and Y could have had contact with the advertisement. This means that the second broadcast of the advertisement could have been equally good to watch with a total of 2, 3 or 4 people. Commplace PR agency The GRP indicator as the product of reach and frequency is calculate differently. If, on average, 12% of people watch each episode of a TV show, and the ad is place over 5 episodes, then the campaign has people watch three episodes, then the GRP is 150 points, according to the 50×3 formula.

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We recommend Transactional or relationship marketing – which works better? What does optimal GRP mean? The GRP level will not always be the same. When setting it, you nee to take into account the goal of the campaign. And this one can be Latest Mailing Database different. The company may be intereste in maximizing reach. This means that they want as many people as possible from the target group to come across the advertisement at least once. The goal can also be to maximize the frequency.

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This meia metric measures the average number of times a viewer has been expose to an ad over a specifie period of time. In this case, the company’s activities focus on maximizing the frequency of advertising, which is done at the expense Executive List of the number of people it reaches. Thus, the advertisement gains a smaller reach. How to logically explain it? GRP It is about the effective frequency, the parameter that determines the number of contacts with the advertising message necessary to remember the advertisement. According to research, the highest effective range is obtaine in the cinema. There, one contact with the advertisement allows it to be remembere by 70% of the target group.

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