Aimed at those who already know the brand

The big differential of these types of ads is having a call to action more focused on purchase. With calls like buy now.Acquire here” and other examples. Furthermore, these announcements can be divided into periods of 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 and 90 days. Designed for different types of customers, each one has its own type of communication to deal with your audience, ranging from remembering when they left an item in their cart to putting your brand in evidence in that person’s life again. The most common lists are those of 15 and 30 days, used mainly to re-impact users closer to the moment of purchase, such as those who are part of your . This type of action is an excellent option to work on your Black Friday promotions, so give preference to ads with discounts, using offers as a convincing strategy to generate conversion.

For the rest of the year

More distant lists such as 60 and 90 days are good options for building a relationship, attracting new users, improving engagement and recovering your e-commerce traffic. Create an event on Facebook Do you want to remind your customers that you have your Bahrain WhatsApp Number List e-commerce ready and full of Black Friday deals? Create a very save the date style event on Facebook and publicize the fanpage so that your followers confirm their presence.×570.jpeg This way, they will be notified when the offers go live. Through your page on social networks, you can also send notifications to warm up your potential buyers. Take advantage of the tool to show the products that will be among your Black Friday promotions, allowing your customers to get ready to purchase all the products more quickly.

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Products with a Black Friday

Discount As mentioned before, it’s almost Black Friday. However, for some types of e-commerce in Brazil, the date has already started. These differences extended the date for the entire month of November, calling it Black Month or Black November, disclosing its offers and discounts  Executive List in advance. That’s why, to compete with those who already have high promotions, it’s best that you start the month by giving a little teaser of what you’re going to offer on your Black Friday. Options such as progressive discounts that increase throughout the month and offers sectored by the site make users always keep up to date on their offers. Bet on an email campaign with pre-offers If you are going to open Black Friday shopping only on November 23rd, it is essential to send an email closer to the date with your most attractive offers so that your.

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