ATL marketing in a nutshell What does

The meia message reaches everyone who has access to it. Example? TV. The average person watches hours of television a day. This data applies to the whole world. TV commercials range from local to national to international audiences, depending on the TV channel and the agreement between the parties. TV commercials appeal to viewers because moving images with sound are more appealing than still images or sound alone. ATL marketing also uses the power of radio. According to psychologists, consumers must encounter an advertising message at least three times before it begins to penetrate their consciousness.

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Radio is therefore an ideal option to meet all the requirements for both frequency and creative advertising. The more so that radio – like television – can have a local, national and international reach. Another platform through which ATL marketing database reaches the masses of recipients are printe meia. Magazines and newspapers are ideal communication channels to inform customers or potential customers about a brand or its offerings. In addition, there are many industry-specific magazines, which makes it easy to reach many niches directly. Finally, but not the least important for this strategy, outdoor advertising, usually carrie out in public places. Well-expose billboards, banners, etc. have the greater range, the better their location.


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Advantages of ATL marketing The main advantage of ATL marketing is a wide, nationwide and even international reach. The nature of this type of message reaches the recipients well. Meia, such as television, use audiovisual materials that Executive List make it easier for the company to connect with the audience. Meia advertising is also a key tool in defining and implementing brand identity, and this is built by customers. The role of ATL in brand building is to reach as many potential customers as possible and creatively convey information about the brand and the benefits it can give them. Therefore, this type of marketing plays an integral role in brand building.

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