Shoe polishing and flattery

Getting along with others is a science, and getting along with superiors, supervisors, and bosses in the workplace is even more of a profound science. Basically, your promotion and future are determin by them, so if you want to be appreciat, you must first understand how to get along with your superiors.

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As the saying goes, everyone has his own way of doing things. who dare not raise objections in front of their superiors, because the other party is a superior with advantages and they must maintain a certain degree of respect and obedience
To avoid conflicts, the best way is to listen to and Argentina Phone Number List  affirm the other person’s opinions first, and then try to put forward ideas and suggestions, at least to let him know that you are not a person without ideas.

There must be many people

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Many people are eager to be appreciat by their boss, but they just hide Executive List in the corner waiting to be discover. In fact, your boss doesn’t have much time to observe your strengths, so you have to take the initiative and show your abilities at the right time.

Your boss may not fully understand your abilities an.  Therefore not assign you important tasks. But don’t underestimate the opportunity to take on small task.  An try to get things done in the shortest possible time to win your boss’s trust and let him know your ability to do things.

Not only can e-Penjana

Earlier, the government announced that it would give RM100 e-Penjana bonuses to Malaysian e-wallet users every second of the month.

It is reported that this plan is implemented by the government and the private sector in a 1:1 cooperation, which means the government provides RM50, the private sector sponsors discount vouchers worth RM50, and the total electronic bonus worth RM100 will benefit Malaysians.

In addition, the e-be transferred to everyone through Grabpay, TNG eWallet and Boost.

You can get e-Penjana bonus as long as you meet the South Africa Phone Number List  following qualifications:

Eears of age or older

-Annual income cannot exceed RM100,000

-Must have the mentioned e-wallet account

-Must register and activate MySejahtera mobile application.

Penjana electronic bonus will

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Now that you have this electronic bonus, what you need to know Executive List  is where you can spend it. Basically, this electronic cash can only be used for consumption in physical stores, not on online shopping platforms.

In addition, e-Penjana is also not applicable to the following 7 platforms/services:

Even the interview rules

Did you know that during an interview, “etiquette” accounts for most of the impression points; because the greetings, eye contact, body language, conversation, etc. during the interview are all important processes for you to express your first impression. So, whether you are a newcomer or a veteran in the orkplace, “etiquette” may be one of the keys to help you stand out from your competitors.

Being late is definitely

A taboo for job seekers! But being too early is not good either. Just Guatemala Phone Number List arrive within 15 minutes early. Use the time to adjust your appearance, relax, and calm down to review the questions you have prepared.

During the interview: manage


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When you arrive at the reception, first tell the receptionist politely why you are here; remember to smile at all the staff, after all, they may be your future colleagues. In addition, be calm while waiting, it is best not to use your mobile phone and turn it to silent mode; remember to knock gently when entering the interview room.
2) our facial expressions, pay attention to your conversation and Executive List body language

Body language can secretly convey unspoken messages during the interview process. Didn’t you expect that? Therefore, when talking to the interviewer, small movements such as scratching your ears, swaying your body, leaning in your sitting position, crossing your legs, and shaking your legs are all revealing your anxiety.


Is the fat around your waist

Many people neglect exercise because of their busy work schedules. It is especially difficult for office girls to lose weight. After all, they sit for 8 or 9 hours a day at work, plus they eat snacks. The longer they sit, the bigger their buttocks will become and the more obvious their belly will be. If you want to improve your figure, remember to follow the following 6 habits during your workday

Tip  Drink plenty of

Women need to drink 1.5 liters of water a day, so remember to Germany Phone Number List drink plenty of water when working to increase your metabolic rate, keep your skin elastic, and avoid edema. On the other hand, drinking plenty of water will also make you want to go to the bathroom, which will make you get up and walk around. A warm reminder: holding back urine for a long time may cause kidney problems, so don’t hold back urine.

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Maintain a correct sitting postureWater and go to the toilet frequently
Sitting in an incorrect posture, crossing your legs, or sitting Executive List cross-legged can cause your pelvis to become crooked, which can cause your body to become deformed and your butt to become larger over time. More seriously, it can cause poor blood circulation, lower metabolic rate, and lead to a physique that is prone to obesity! If you don’t want to gain weight, correct your sitting posture immediately.