The highest monthly salary is RM6000

You are studying a design-related major, have been to many career fairs, and searched the Internet many times, but you still can’t find a suitable job?

Today, I have compiled 5 design-related jobs for you. Two of them have a monthly salary of RM5000 or more. Interested friends, come and apply!



Companies you may be interested in

Position 1: Graphic Designer ( Intercoin Fintech System)

【Monthly salary: up to RM6000】

Highlights: Diploma required, company travel, bonus, annual salary increase…

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Position 2: Senior Graphic Designer ( 4U Malaysia Sdn Bhd)

【Monthly salary: up to RM5000】

Highlights: Minimum Diploma required, company travel, training…

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Position 3: Social Media Executive cum Graphic Designer (Xeoul Clinic Sdn Bhd)

【Monthly salary: up to RM3500】

Highlights: Free beauty services, year-end bonuses, rebates…

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Position 4: Graphic Designer

【Monthly salary: up to RM3000】

Highlights: At least SPM diploma, Mandarin speaking Taiwan Phone Number List candidates only, 5 working days, medical benefits…

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Position 5: Graphic Designer cum Social Media (Webbey Creative Agency)

【Monthly salary: up to RM2500】

Highlights: At least a Diploma, fresh graduates are Executive List welcome, unlimited tea, parking allowance, 5-day work week, annual salary increase, training…

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Maybank service fee has been recently adjusted

Firstly, starting from April 19, Maybank will reduce the fees for some counter services.

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Maybank users originally had to pay a RM2 fee to handle LHDN, EPF, SOCSO, Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia and other matters at the counter, but after the adjustment, users will only need to pay RM1.

Not only Maybank users, even non-Maybank users who go Austria Phone Number List to Maybank to handle the above-mentioned matters no longer need to pay RM4 fees, and will only need to pay RM1 in the future.


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The processing fees for paying credit cards or loans via

Maybank counters with cash or cheque will also be adjust from October 1, 2019. The latest fees are as follows: A RM2 handl fee will be charg for us cash/cheque over the counter (OTC) to repay a credit card/loan.

An additional charge of RM0.50 will be impos when us cash/cheque to repay credit card or loan at Smart Recycle Machine (SRM) / Cheque Deposit Machine (CQM). If users do not want to pay additional handling fees. Maybank recommends that they use Executive List Maybank2u or ATM services.


It would be a waste if you don’t take them away

Haidilao has finally officially open in Malaysia!I believe everyone’s Facebook and Instagram have been flood with all kinds of news about Haidilao recently? Many of my friends have started plann when to go on a pilgrimage! In addition to the famous hot pot food, Haidilao is most talked about for its service, which is so considerate that people are embarrass to offend it.

If this is your first time visiting Haidilao, let me tell you what Haidilao has for you to take away for free! Just pack up your food and take it home next time!

Companies you may be interest in



Haidilao is the most popular hot pot restaurant nowadays. If you want to patronize it, you must be mentally preparto spend a long time queuing. In order to avoid customers queuing/wait for food for too long, Haidilao usually gives customers some snacks in advance, such as popcorn, peanuts, melon seeds, etc. However, as a rational foodie, you will reserve Hong Kong Phone Number List space in your stomach for the big meal later. Therefore, if you can’t finish these snacks, you can take them away!

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Wet wipes or other small gifts


Haidilao is so famous because of its humanized service. If a parent brings a child, the waiter will give a small toy to stop the child from crying and the parent can eat with peace of mind. In addition, if a girl with long hair comes to eat at the restaurant.

the waiter will give her a hair band so that the girl can tie up her hair and eat with peace of mind. The restaurant even provides waterproof plastic bags for customers to put their mobile phones in to avoid getting them dirty. Not to mention small items like wet wipes, which are simply a must!

However, when leav, many people think that these things must be return, but in fact these small gifts are given away. We can also take them away directly Executive List after eating, and the waiter will not stop you.








Free Ice Cream for 3 consecutive days to satisfy your taste

If you were asked to pick a favorite ice cream brand, which one would you choose? Godiva? Magnum? Kiss the tiramisu?

Or some more popular ice cream brands like Softsrve and Insidescoop? If I had to choose, I would choose llao llao without hesitation! Just thinking about the rich and mellow yogurt, coupled with a lot of ingredients! And whether it is nuts or fresh fruits, llaollao has everything! Just imagining it makes me drool!



Companies you may be interested in

But in fact, llaollao is not cheap. I always eat it in small bites, for fear that I will finish it all at once! (Is there anyone like me? Haha)

Aiyoooo! No need to feel so sorry now! To coincide with the grand opening of llaollao’s new store at The Gardens Mall, we are now holding a Buy 1 Free 1 Hungary Phone Number List promotion!

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Anyone who buys a cup of llao llao from March 29 to March.

31 will get another cup of llaollao for free! Isn’t it super value for money! Finally, I don’t have to share a cup of llaollao with others. Now I can have 1 cup Executive List per person or 2 cups per person (?) Hahaha

BUT there is one thing you must note about this offer, that is, the Buy 1 Free 1 offer does not include Petitllao and Small Tub !