Elements That Can Be Optimized in the SERPs

Today, the SERPs are more competitive than ever, and there are additional features that we can optimize beyond the traditional for organic results.

Video carousels
Google states that more than eighty percent of people surveyed jump between online searches and YouTube videos during their product searches to buy. A video carousel is an interactive box with videos related to the query.

Imaging results
Image results on Belgium Phone Number Data Google are a Can Be Optimized line of images obtained from the top results related to the query.

Recipe carousels

This type of carousel is like the video carousel, but all the content is related to food queries. In this case, for a recipe to appear on a carousel, Google requires structured data such as cooking and preparation time, nutritional information, and visitor ratings.

Local packages
Local packs highlight nearby businesses when conducting Google searches for goods and services in a certain area.

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Interesting Findings

  • Local packs help searchers find businesses, sites, etc. in your local community. Typically includes Google My Business listing information and a map from Google Maps.

Google Shopping Results

Nobody said it would be hunky-dory… the great Dr. Pete has been writing about this topic for years, and his older articles are still some of the best content out there on this topic ( here , here , and here ), to be honest, sometimes it’s a mystery what works.

Google shopping results appear in the SERPs when a searcher expresses or directly implies a desire to make a purchase of a good or service. The Executive List objective is to facilitate the search for a purchase for users Can Be Optimized and put them in contact with the seller. The first SERP feature used by Google is AdWorks, a pay-per-click advertising product launched in the year 2000.

How many SERP features are there currently? The current group of SERP features includes

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