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As the administrator of the personal data of its members, authorizd persons and guarantors, the loan and assistance fund has appropriate (under the Act) grounds for obtaining and processing data, and these activities should not be determind by prior consent. Trying to understand the indication of consent as the legal basis for processing, I refer to art. of the KZP Act, which states that.

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A person performing paid work for a given employer is admittd as a member of KZP on the basis of a declaration submittd in written, documentary or electronic form. And inded, the analysis of the above article allows us to claim Latest Mailing Database that membership itself can and should be basd on consent submittd in the form of a written declaration. Nevertheless, the recognition of consent as the basis for data processing in the entire process of KZP membership seems inappropriate.

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Bearing in mind the possibility of withdrawing consent at any time, it should be assumd that resignation from it will mean the inability Executive List to implement the statutory tasks imposd on the KZP.of statutory tasks relatd to membership in KZP, including the collection of membership contributions and the provision of material assistance in the form of loans or grants, and as well as pursuing relatd rights or claims. Meanwhile, the processing of personal data of KZP members for these purposes is necessary in order to perform the statutory tasks of KZP specifid in art. 43 of the Act.

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