Free Ice Cream for 3 consecutive days to satisfy your taste

If you were asked to pick a favorite ice cream brand, which one would you choose? Godiva? Magnum? Kiss the tiramisu?

Or some more popular ice cream brands like Softsrve and Insidescoop? If I had to choose, I would choose llao llao without hesitation! Just thinking about the rich and mellow yogurt, coupled with a lot of ingredients! And whether it is nuts or fresh fruits, llaollao has everything! Just imagining it makes me drool!



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But in fact, llaollao is not cheap. I always eat it in small bites, for fear that I will finish it all at once! (Is there anyone like me? Haha)

Aiyoooo! No need to feel so sorry now! To coincide with the grand opening of llaollao’s new store at The Gardens Mall, we are now holding a Buy 1 Free 1 Hungary Phone Number List promotion!

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Anyone who buys a cup of llao llao from March 29 to March.

31 will get another cup of llaollao for free! Isn’t it super value for money! Finally, I don’t have to share a cup of llaollao with others. Now I can have 1 cup Executive List per person or 2 cups per person (?) Hahaha

BUT there is one thing you must note about this offer, that is, the Buy 1 Free 1 offer does not include Petitllao and Small Tub !