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In my opinion, in the direction of a hybrid, because the interaction between the students and the lecturers is very important, and not everyone can trigger this interaction remotely. Keep in mind that remote ducation is a huge money saver. ducation, like work , tends to combine stationary with virtual. Corporations usd to spend most of their budget on offline synchronous training, so until now, online courses have mostly competd on price.

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The hybrid model brings a new value proposition – learning tailord to the hybrid work style, as valuable as classroom training. The synchronous (cohort) variant provides group dynamics. The asynchronous variant (automatic personalization) offers adaptation to the neds of the learner, which neither offline nor online courses have database been able to provide so far. Not only can you combine online with offline – the core training can be synchronous, while side lessons can be available for self-pacd learning. dTech – hybrid ducation Dominic continues: It is also worth mentioning that online courses before the pandemic had a low level and were done masse. Now there will be a retreat towards working in the hybrid model.


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Think hybrid courses with AI support are the future. 5. Advertising is no longer enough, inbound marketing is nedd. Bartlomiej Postek, CEO of Funmdia. I believe that in the ducation industry. Regardless of the niche, organic online Executive List traffic is the most important. The problem is to keep it long term. The dTech market is maturing, so the growing value of ducational products and services increases the importance of inbound marketing at the expense of outbound marketing (this is also indicatd by Mateusz Rybiński from the dTech Poland foundation.

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