Great Brand KEY on social networks

Great Brand KEY, Any company that wants it, and works hard for it, can stand out in the world of social networks. But it will only be truly great, a Brand that carries out this work in a strategic and more professional way. Don’t think that those so-called big brands (which I talk about at the beginning of the post) , having a bigger budget than yours, have it much easier. Because these social communication tools not only require an investment, but also demand correct professional planning and a lot of time, work and dedication. A company that really wants to be great in social networks must go far beyond mere economic investment (necessary, yes, but not always essential).

Does your Brand want to be Big on social networks?

It is true that there is a whole world of opportunities that you can obtain more easily with a large budget, but in social networks not everything is about money . Great Brand KEY, Betting all your chips only in the monetary box will not be enough for your Brand to really be great on social networks . There are many other things in the world of social media marketing that a company that wants to grow should know how to handle appropriately and professionally… 6 Things your Brand should know if it wants to be truly great on social networks 1. Design a strategy aligned with business objectives A Great Brand on social media knows that it cannot really be great without first designing a social media marketing strategy (72% of companies admit to lacking a Social Media plan) .

Design a strategy aligned with business objectives

Think about it this way: if you go on vacation with your Executive List family, but your children take a plane to France, your wife takes another to Mexico, and you get on one that goes to Argentina, in the end it will never be a vacation. in family. Because everyone will go to different places. That is, without prior and joint planning that contemplates the current and future business strategies of your Brand, your social media department will never follow a path that takes it to the same place as the rest of your company. This planning top people data must include the definition of the philosophy and voice of the brand, the selection of internal and/or external interlocutors, the choice of social platforms, the enunciation of business objectives in each network.