How To Implement The Effectiveness Of Additional Offers

These three promotions fall into the same category because apart from the difference in name, they all relate to a special discount or cost savings for the customer. 

The rule of thumb for effectively running promotions such as bundle deals, add-on deals, and promotional discounts is to use them sparingly and seasonally.

By doing so, you can maintain the hype that discounts give customers. If you run special discounts too often, your customers may decide to only buy products from you during promotional periods. You’re also negatively impacting your margins by under-priced your product year-round.

Shipping Cost Promotion

In your Shopee Seller Center account, open Marketing Center again and click Shipping Fee Promotion.

You will then be sent to the Shipping Fee Promotion Page. Click Create Now. 

It’s time to enter the details for your Shipping Fee promotion. Enter your promotion name. 

For your promotion start/end phone number list time, you may decide to set it to “no limit”. However, we do not recommend this as it adds no value to your marketing at all. 

Instead, select a period of time to run the promotion and click Select Promotion Period. An interactive calendar will appear where you can indicate start/end dates. 

The next thing you need to do is check the box for the delivery channel or courier you choose.

Now, indicate the minimum basket price to qualify for this promotion. You can also indicate how much shipping costs will be subsidized. There is also a Free Shipping option. 

Since your prospects are online shoppers

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To get started with offsite marketing, you need to create a Facebook page. One reason to do this is that your audience is not always logged into Shopee. They only do it when they are close to buying something.

It’s a good idea to post updates every Executive List time you offer discounts and deals in your store.

Also, if your customers gradually see your posts on social media, it helps them become more familiar with your brand.

Reuse Shopee Marketing Assets For Facebook Marketing

When you run promotional ads on Shopee, you are often asked to create images for your discounts and offers. 

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