Misunderstanding of the Extent of Allah SWT’s Mercy

Mechanical Differences of Wide Wobble and Tight Wiggle

What creates a significant difference between these two swimming actions?

— It’s about the position of the pivot point on the lure.

On wide wobble lures, the pivot of the lure is located in the middle of the lure body.

This causes the head and tail parts of the lure to be able to sway freely at wide angles but in slower action.

The best examples you can see are the Abu Garcia Tormentor and Zerek Barra-X lures

On the other hand, the pivot point on the Phone Number List tight wiggle lure is in front of the lure, which is on the head.

Therefore, tight wiggle lures only sway on the tail side. (His head serves as an axis.)

Although the swimming angle of this lure is smaller, this lure can provide faster swimming action. It can move in stable even in strong currents.

That’s why its swimming action looks tight.

The best examples you can see are the Rapala Shad Rap

Below I include my sketch to explain the position of the pivot point on the lure:

Note the difference in pivot position between ‘wide wobble’ and ‘tight wiggle’ lures and their effect on bait swim action

Today too many people failed to understand what is Allah’s mercy

Phone Number List

This hadith indicates the tremendous and majestic Executive List blessings that we often forget. There is not the slightest reduction or injustice on the scales of our deeds in the hereafter.

Some ignorant people distort the phrase:

Everything happens by the grace of Allah to strengthen their opinion that heaven and hell are not influenced by the reckoning of deeds, but are determined by the mercy of Allah SWT.”

They think that, despite committing many mistakes and sins, they can get the reward of heaven because of the grace of Allah SWT.

The grace they mean is the grace given to a group of people — despite their immorality — so much so that it makes them go to heaven, and given to another group — even though they are obedient — so that it makes them go to hell.

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