Moving a number of professionals around logistics

Necessary to think about the structure of the sales team, as the service before, during and after tends to be one of the points that weigh the most at the time. to buy a product with a discount on Black Friday. According to E-bit, there was an increase in the number of orders, which went from 3.3 million registered in 2016 to 3.76 million in 2017. With this growth, it is more than necessary to prepare the sales and marketing team , keeping both aligned to supply the growing demand. Another point that still generates many discussions around the date is the use of marketplaces, spaces rented by small shopkeepers to promote their products in larger and more consolidated e-commerces. During Black Friday, they become even more essential to generate product visibility and position the e-commerce site as a channel of trust and credibility. Role of Sponsored Links.

Product searches It is common knowledge that

Google has become one of the most used search engines around the world, after all its use has been disseminated by everyone who uses the internet to find information, solve problems and, of course, search for products and services. . Since SEM (Search Engine Marketing Finland WhatsApp Number List or Research Marketing, in free translation) emerged, the relationship between Internet users and the Internet has evolved considerably, especially in the virtual stores segment. Considered one of the most popular tools in terms of search, Google brings together more than 90% of searches made on the internet, surpassing, in some countries, Bing and Yahoo!. With the arrival of Google Adwords (currently known as Google Ads) it was possible to publicize the best Black Friday promotions and make them visible to the target audience that is looking for a particular product, both through the display network.

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However, the lack of market research

Knowing how to work the keyword auction, as well as defining the cost per click (CPC), and types of segmentation (geographic, demographic, public/interest and device) can compromise the creation of a good marketing plan focused on Black Friday. The marketing manager, Vinicius  Executive List Herrera, deals with these issues on a daily basis, which involve more than one decision making by his team of analysts and customer service. For him, the retailer needs to have his intention very clear in mind when choosing to use sponsored links, which will guide him in adopting the best strategy on Black Friday 2018. “The retailer must, in the first place, determine exactly what he expects by carrying out sponsored link actions. If he seeks profitability or increase in transaction volume. Most of them end up opting to increase their sales.