Plan what you want to see on google

Google positioning can greatly affect the results. There is a set of factors that determine this positioning, called seo (searchengineoptimization). I’m going to cite some of these practices to help you achieve your goals. A publication must have a defined keyword that must occur multiple times the text. Use the “Google keyword planner” to identify the most searched words in your niche. For example, if you work in the field of employment law, search for ” worker rights when leaving a job ” or ” how to sue an employer. ” keywords must also be inserted into the title of the article and the first paragraph of the text.

Follow these tips!

Other points when preparing your text: at least 500 words, use direct language (don’t use jargon, because you’re communicating with non-experts) and write in short paragraphs. Always check the organization of the text. On the internet, reading tends to be more dynamic. Use bold Samoa Email List and subtitles to make them easier to understand. This helps keep the reader’s interest until the end of the text and contributes to the success of legitimate digital marketing. Using images that are relevant to the topic can also have a positive google ranking impact.

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Search engines ” understand ” your articles

To provide information in different ways: text and images. That is, it provides richer content than text. 10 accounting marketing rules you cannot ignore if you want to grow ! Why is this marta giove on the internet, whatsapp groups, facebook posts, linkedin Executive List articles, videos on her youtube channel and wherever she is, accountants are present? Does she just know how to say it? Does she just want to sell dpg group products and services? After all, what is this ” accounting marketing ” for? Well let me explain to you better nice to meet you as an accounting entrepreneur.