Why you need to care about SEO in SEO SERPs

For this particular result (at least in Google Canada), the paragraph answer box belongs to CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). Do some searching on Google and, if you haven’t already noticed, you’ll see that many SERPs include a featured snippet at the top of the page, especially if the query is in the form of a question.

For a quick introduction to the different types of featured snippets and other types of content for SEO ON SERPs, you’ll find an excellent summary here.

Why is SEO in SERPs important?

There are  several reasons Australia Phone Number Data why SEO ON SERPs is important. At a basic level, we can use the above example of searching for “Android TV box” to highlight why a company would covet the featured snippet that today belongs to CBC.

The CBC article explains what an Android TV set is, and how it allows a user to “cut the cord” and basically watch all the TV shows and movies they want for free. It also addresses the legality of apps that allow users to watch content for free, and even provides links to some websites that sell computers with the software pre-installed.

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For a large media corporation like CBC, readers, traffic, and awareness are the essence of their business, so the more snippets you can get, the better. In this particular case, it’s likely they could earn affiliate commissions with a featured snippet for a query that generates tens of thousands of searches per month, based on keyword statistics.

How to Optimize Your Content for the SERPs

There is another, less obvious reason why SEO IN SERPs is becoming a crucial component of core SEO, and it is summed up in the Executive List following comment Rand made in the conversation resulting from the above tweet:
If more and more searches end up in Google’s SERPs, as Rand points out in his original tweet (and as he reiterates in this comment), then SERP SEO is critical, especially since, at least right now, it’s hard to discern what should be the goal of featured snippets, if not to generate clicks. As is often the case in the digital world, marketers and companies that figure out how to answer these tough questions will be the big winners. Now to answer the question on everyone’s mind: how do you optimize your content for a featured snippet on the Google results page?

Here is the concise answer on how you can earn a featured snippet on Google search result pages: