What is it and why incorporate this marketing strategy

By Leandro Gorzoni March 18, 2022 You know that the success of your E-commerce depends on a lot of strategy.  Everything needs to be in perfect harmony so that the customer has a good experience visiting your website. Making the purchase. For this, we can implement many marketing techniques, such as the persona, the tone of voice, a pleasant design, greater use of keywords and, of course, lead tracking .expression means, we need to better understand its origin. Here we go? What is lead ? This word is used, in the marketing world, to define a possible customer. You win a lead when the accepted person registers at the store, either to buy something or to receive your news via email marketing or WhatsApp; What is tracking ? Well, basically, this word means “to monitor” in Portuguese.

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Be stalking the person who enters your virtual store. Lead tracking goes hand in hand with another expression of digital marketing: the sales funnel . Through this strategy, you can check which stage of the funnel your customer is in, that is: Top of the funnel : when the person is getting Cameroon WhatsApp Number List to know your products and your store; Middle of the funnel : are the people  who are in doubt whether or not they will take the product, and who need to be convinced; Bottom of the funnel : category that brings together people who have decided to buy your products. Therefore, it is very difficult to talk about lead tracking without mentioning the stages of the sales funnel, as they are ways for you to achieve even more success in the digital field! How to use lead tracking? In physical stores, it would be much.

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Easier to do lead tracking

Wouldn’t it? After all, we can see the potential client’s interest with our own eyes. That is: if he is just taking a “peek”, he is at the top of the funnel . However, if he came looking for a salesperson to learn a little more about a certain product and just needs to be persuaded, this customer Executive List is a middle-of-the-funnel customer . Finally, if he’s already decided to buy, we call it the bottom of the funnel . However, this process becomes more complicated to be analyzed when our store is virtual. After all, we’re not seeing which pages on the site the customer is browsing. And that’s where lead tracking tools come in. Through these tools, you will be able to insert a tracking code on your E-commerce pages – mainly on those that are more strategic for your company.