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Results that will make tomorrow possible. The story started very early, when i was only 8 years old. at that time, i started making hammers with my father and helped him organize shoe racks. By the time i was 10, i was already running the bank by myself. Quite a responsibility, right? ! You can already see that when someone has a goal, no matter their age, they will go for it! Now they are: i’m starting to look professional and fighting for my first real job! At 11, i started looking for courses to become a professional. I found a senac course that helps people get their first job. i entered the course at 13 and stayed there for 6 months before graduating.

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4 people got internship opportunities. Turns out… there were 30 people in the room. I could have thought “so many people, i’m not going to make it”, but i believed until the end. i did it! I was selected to work at arby’s (no longer in brazil) and even though i lived a long way Czechia Business Email List from work and had to take several transports, my hard work paid off and i got the opportunity i needed. The first lesson i learned from this whole section was: focus, persistence and a determined mindset will get you successful! Giphy – marta giove’s 9 entrepreneurship lessons – find out what i did to become an entrepreneur is that the thing? ! Often, we just need an opportunity.

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We do—or what we want to do—but when the opportunity comes, we have to grab it with all our might and never let go. law firm logo – how do i communicate my goals with a single image? A law firm logo needs to convey everything the brand wants to convey – but how do you Executive List do it right? Our creative team explained! The process of creating a logo for a law firm is undoubtedly complex. Creating a symbol that represents a brand’s ideals is never easy – it takes study, understanding, skill and vision, and of course cutting-edge technology. All of this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating logos for our clients.