The safest option for injection in

The gluteal region, being recommended as the first choice site for IM injections. Since it avoids accidental puncture of blood vessels and nerves, with few reports of associated complications. Dorsogluteal area Located at the top of the buttocks. It must be handled with care. Mainly due to the proximity to the superior gluteal artery and the sciatic nerve. Which can suffer injuries if they are affected. Deltoid muscle. The muscular portion below the acromion in the upper arm is commonly used for immunization. However, it should not be the first option to apply medications, as it is close to the radial nerve, brachial vein and artery. What is the angle of the needle in the intramuscular route? In general, the angle corresponds to 90 degrees. Keeping the needle perpendicular to the skin. However, it is worth consulting.

Recommendations on the technique

Used in the injection of the compound, in order to confirm this and other details. See a step-by-step guide for using the intramuscular route of administration. According to the government’s standard operating procedure : Perform antisepsis in the delimited region of the skin with cotton soaked in 70% alcohol, in single movements, with the dominant hand and wait for it to dry spontaneously Hold the cotton with the little and ring fingers Denmark Cell Phone Number List of the non-dominant hand Hold the syringe horizontally with the thumb, index and middle fingers of the dominant hand Distend the skin with the thumb and index finger of the dominant hand and pinch the muscle Introduce the needle into the muscle with a firm and smooth movement , at an angle of 90ยบ or less in relation to the skin, with the dominant hand release the muscle.

Pull the plunger with the dominant

Hand and observe if there is blood return Inject the medicine by pushing the plunger with your dominant hand Wait three to five seconds and remove the syringe with a quick and firm movement. Activate the needle safety device Slightly compress the application site with the cotton that was in the non-dominant hand, without massaging, until complete hemostasis. Be sure to check below the nursing care in intramuscular administration. Intramuscular administration The angle corresponds to 90 degrees, keeping the needle perpendicular to the skin Nursing care in intramuscular administration It is worth emphasizing the importance of rotating application sites in order to avoid injuries to muscles and other tissues. Never mix different drugs in the same syringe and be careful with the times of administration in patients who are using several drugs. Pay attention to the caliber of the needle used.