You end up competing only on price

Knowing what to sell and how much to sell it for is fundamental, including differentiating you from your competitors and adding perceived value to your audience. not knowing your unique differences As mentioned above, if you stop and analyze coldly, 98% of the services provided by accounting firms are commodities. However, the 2% is your unique DNA as an entrepreneur and as a company. Have you identified what makes you unique and not just “the other” in the crowd? No well-structured business strategy or process If you don’t know what to sell, what price to sell to, or whom to sell to, how will you define business processes to.

Coordinate communication in order to address

Understand, and satisfy the needs of each prospect or prospect you attract? So… have you managed to understand what you should be focusing on in the first place before even considering investing in content marketing or buying leads? If you are very clear and specific Ghana Email List about all of this, it will greatly increase your conversion rate and thus the roi roi of your strategy of investing in content marketing or direct lead buying. Is your accounting firm still off the internet and doesn’t speak “webness”? Oh no no no no! Internet and accounting marketing are two basic and closely related elements in an accounting firm.

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Do you really know how to use it to your advantage

You cannot and will not have a successful accounting business in the near future without the proper use of the Internet, digital marketing and advertising strategies and platforms, multi-channel communication tools, customer service and support. This is what I think about Executive List the Internet in accounting perception of its importance”. – Alex DePaula As time goes on, it becomes increasingly difficult to imagine how any kind of business, including that conducted by an accounting firm, can be conducted without proper use of the Internet. This is because in business, the web has revolutionized.