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The sites we visit the most and products and services most purchased. Are some of the elements that make up our consumption profile on the internet. Therein lies an opportunity for e-commerce companies to get closer. Through email marketing, products and solutions that are more consistent with our particular consumption habits. With this information gathered. We now move on to the next step, which consists of filtering all these profiles and creating a segmented email marketing list, always taking into account the stages in which these consumers are in the sales funnel. id=”Creating”> Creating email marketing lists creating-email-marketing-list4 As external factors (trends, fashions) and internal factors (influence of friends, acquaintances, celebrities and family members) tend to cause changes in the consumption profiles of users on the network, creating an email marketing list becomes a very challenging task.

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Personalities and characteristics creates challenges for the marketer, it also provides the development of segmented lists of creative email marketing. There are many ways to expand and segment your email marketing list. Among them we can mention lectures, workshops, corporate meetings and networking on social networks such as LinkedIn, for Guatemala WhatsApp Number List example. The probability of exchanging business cards and contacts in each of these situations is quite significant, which considerably expands the possibilities of creating personalized email marketing lists. It is also possible to apply the same strategy to e-commerce in order to better understand your consumer base. From the implementation of newsletters and the submission of forms in order to find out who your prospects are, how they spend their free time, what they work with, their life and consumption habits, hobbies, among other information that they deem relevant for their shot of email marketing.

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With this data collected and stored

It is up to the marketing professional to choose between two types of lists: static email marketing list and dynamic email marketing list. More common and present in the daily life of companies, the static email marketing list is the one intended for those who prefer to have closer control and management of their new contacts. However, as this type of list requires Executive List  constant updating and monitoring by the company, it tends to be less advantageous in the medium and long term. As a way to get around this inconvenience and make this process more dynamic and automated, saving time and unnecessary spending on resources, dynamic email marketing lists were created. From a series of predefined adjustments by the company, it is possible to include, exclude and segment new contacts as they appear and interact with the company’s website, especially if it is an e-commerce.