Marketing with a cause. Helping AUTISM

I’ve been wanting to write about it for days. Many days. But thanks to a conversation with Alberto. General Director of the Madrid Autism Federation , I ended up deciding to look for that time that I don’t have, that “we never have.” This is like everything, for important things we must always find time that, on many occasions. Therefore, we have to sacrifice time that we spend on banal things, to invest it in what really contributes to others and to ourselves.

But what is autism

Autism is one of many disorders, better known as autism spectrum disorders (ASD) . In this case it is a complex neurobiological disorder that exists throughout. Therefore, the life of the person who suffers from it. It is characterized by various degrees of disability in communication skills and social abilities. Therefore, but repetitive behaviors are also very characteristic. Symptoms can range from email contact list mild to severe. The mildest of the disorder is the one that many of you have heard about, and it is known as Asperger syndrome.

Marketing spreads messages with a cause, helping to raise awareness

Sometimes we get carried away by the coldness of Marketing. While it is true that many of its practices are mere actions to reach its end. Therefore, which is to sell, we should not focus solely on this premise. That serves only in strategies to sell a product or service. On many occasions, fortunately, Marketing serves to raise awareness, to learn about a disease. Therefore, a social cause or another real Executive List  problem and above.  All, to carry out actions that help correct errors, improve the human quality of some groups. Therefore, the environment. environmental and those most in need.

Discovering the theft of my content

Therefore, Discovering the theft of my content. leave you the screenshots of the initial article in the newspaper and the comments of professionals outraged by the situation at that time, since they have redirected, dated July 27, 2017 . The link to a new article that they wrote later. Therefore, given the circumstances and La Razón and Nacho Vizán realizing, that it was indeed plagiarism and blatant theft.”

People outraged by plagiarism

A war of no return begins, and without me having to do anything, just publish what happened on my wall. The night people start reading. Frustration, anger, and collective anger begin to emerge from professionals who know how much it hurts to have your own content stolen. That content that costs us many hours of study, research email leads practices, falls and failures become experience. It takes us years of research, of trying to put our theories into practice based on the brands we study and work for.

Reaction from La Razón and the media agency

Reaction from La Razón and the media agency. The next day I receive an email from Nacho Vizán, CEO of the Media Agency that generates content for La Razón, Sneakerlost (I go on to advertise them by adding the link. Whoever wants, let them look for it). Apologizing to me and wanting to talk to me on the phone. My anger was too great and there were meetings ahead of me. I ask you to call me in the afternoon. Nacho, seeing that I was indeed Executive List right (I told him to read my post on Facebook, where the links to his publication and my original article are), and before speaking to me on the phone.

The Future of Marketing is in EMMS

We are all aware that online consumption continues to grow. In fact, online sales are expected to continue increasing by leaps and bounds in the coming years. Furthermore, it is a reality that sales through smartphones have increased exponentially in the last two years. And, without a doubt, this growth has no intention of slowing down. The only thing I hope, personally, and I assume that those of you who are reading this article, too, is not a detractive boom due to the excess of it. Although, of course, it will depend, to a large extent, on the brands whether this growth is managed and implemented

Having tools does not make us professionals

If we want to convert users into loyal followers of our brand. Also convert those leads into consumers, and from consumers to clients. Therefore, we must implement Marketing actions that capture their attention and help us stand out from the competition. That competition that, as I always say, is just a click away. We must learn, as brands, that users follow us for the quality of our products top people data  and services. our content and the image we project. But, and here I must sweep home, every day they take more into account. Not only that the brand meets their needs, but also that it satisfies their desires.

My talk will be about Emotional and Experiential Marketing

My talk will be about Emotional and Experiential Marketing, focused on how we can transform emotions into sales. How emotions have become essential for our sector. Therefore, despite having always lived with them, but never before have they been given as much importance as until now. I will talk about how consumer habits give us guidelines Executive List for creating content. Therefore, a good strategy to increase sales through emotional communication. We will see how essential it is to humanize brands from within them. But in Emotional Marketing not everything is pretty, and anyone who says yes doesn’t know what the story is about.

Emotional Marketing and Cause Marketing, hand in hand

It has become fashionable. Emotional Marketing has become fashionable. And hand in hand, Cause Marketing, of course. But it seems that there is a wave of excess emotions in all advertising content, thinking that this is the right thing for brands. But… what about consumers? Has no one considered that they are surely beginning to be saturated with so much bottled emotion? I don’t want to start this article with an excessive dose of drama, but rather reality. I have been talking and writing about Emotional Marketing for many years, studying it through brands, companies and online and offline content. Doing analysis, collating information.

Excess of emotions and content

We are using emotions beyond our possibilities. We have turned the Internet into Marketing 3.0, creating emotional ties and emotional ties between brands and users through content. Content that we mistakenly think is king. But the king is the user, who generates, creates, publishes, disseminates and viralizes the content. Then everyone email database decides who is the queen, the prince and the kingdom. “The tools are magnificent, but success in Content Marketing lies in the magician, not the wand.” Jay Baer The Internet is a channel for the distribution of causes and awareness through emotional content… and REAL. Let’s look at an example.

Marketing with a Cause. What is it.

Let’s define Marketing with a Cause as a strategy that a company generates to differentiate itself from a supportive point of view and, of course, socially responsible. That differentiating value compared to its competition. You only need to incorporate into the launch of the product or service, including the brand itself, that you want to promote a Executive List specific social aspect that awakens the sensitivity of your target audience, that target, which you intend to attract. But of course, not everything goes, I insist.

Content in the Age of Infoxication

At least to thank you for your patience and unconditionality. So I am preparing to write once a week on the Blog , although they will not be articles of 4,000 or 5,000 words as usual, but rather shorter articles so that they become more enjoyable and quicker to read. And above all, for all audiences. Not only for professionals with experience under their belts, but also for dummies. So welcome everyone.

What is infoxication

We understand Infoxication as that overload or excess of banal information. It is even called infobesity , in an area where communication through digital content becomes (and us) oversaturated. That is to say, we find useless content even in the soup. And unfortunately it happens to us every day. E-mail marketing, without going any further, is a clear example of infoxication job function email list when it is not managed well. When the mere fact of sending massive messages blindly, with the simple objective of sending our content to as many people as possible.

What is Branded Content

Lets start by the beginning. Let’s take this article for dummies. It is necessary to understand that our readers do not always have an advanced level of experience and knowledge, so, as I told you, I also want to write for those people who are just starting out. Welcome everyone, again … We can say that Branded Content consists of generating content focused on and based on a brand, a product or service, which makes it easier for us to connect the brand Executive List with the consumer. That emotional relationship between brand and user/consumer that prioritizes quality content before the sale itself.