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A legitimate industry activity? Oab rules to have your legal services public at an event ! Knowing how to promote your legal services at events is crucial to growing your brand and gaining a higher status with your clients! That’s what i, marta giove, will be talking about today! Wondering how to properly advertise your law firm? Do you want to take advantage of all the benefits of legal marketing, learn how to boost your law firm’s profile for free and take advantage of all that potential before paying for more aggressive advertising marketing? So, let me say: read on and stay with us till the end, because.

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Possibilities of promoting your services at the event. How do you advertise a legitimate service? Well, doctors and doctors, here’s the thing: legal marketing is a practice allowed by the brazilian bar association. While popular advertising is strictly prohibited, the truth Israel Email List is that marketing to attorneys is indeed permissible. There are caveats of course, and it’s not allowed to do anything that violates the concept of the oab or damages the concept of publicity in any real way. that said, lawyers who want to promote their own brand have a mutual respect and feel for the sobriety of their profession.

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Own publications, so you can and cannot do so, and you as an attorney can more accurately. Examine the following: what is allowed? Below we set out specific guidance drawn from the aforementioned normative ced act and article 94/2000 ) and from the judgment history Executive List of the ethics and disciplinary court (ted) oab section. We cite each guideline in the appendix. Legal internet or company. Advertisements of statutory law firms are permitted, including the attorney’s name and registration with the oab , the law firm’s registration number, email address and hours of operation; allow lawyers to have their own websites and advertise on the internet.