The colombian consumer not only spends more time

The colombian consumer not only spends more time on the internet for leure purposes. They also do so in a more productive way. For example for work purposes to buy and pay bills or for training. In conclusion brands increasingly call upon to understand new consumers and their habits. As well as delve into the currents. That motivate user havior and make them prefer virtual channels as their favorites when accessing products or services. What you should know about data protection in digital environments. Do you know how you should correctly treat the personal data of your clients and users learn from experts and avoid sanctions.

Implement a firewall and antivirus protection

Marketing university One of the challenges of digital marketing. That with the re of social network interactions and ecommerce transactions the collection of personal. Data has come a complex sue. Furthermore the information that receiv mobile app designs service stor and analyz generates new data from th processing that. To a large extent the consumer himself unaw of. In th order of ideas the ne ares to establh protocols systems or invite the promulgation of laws. That responsible for data protection in digital environments . That the use and reuse of much of th information can have various purposes. That may even harmful to its clients or owners.

Creating a newsletter

In other words the natural person whose information process. By a brand venture or business. As a result it essential to think that the right to privacy and protection. Of personal data in digital environments or ecosystems a priority. Likewe taking c of th type Executive List of information also a huge opportunity to generate value in. The commercial and digital marketing activities of your brand or business. Ensuring the correct management of personal data can an excellent competitive advantage cause. It generates trust in the users of your products or services.

Some of the reasons to buy in physical stores

Some of the reasons to buy in physical stores were so as not to surpr. So that it doesn’t stay with me or what you don’t want cause. I like to live the inperson experience.  I like going out it helps not to lock up anymore.  I dtrust internet security I don’t like buying with cards what. I want not sold virtually I don’t know how to use the platforms I don’t know how to buy online. While those who prefer to buy in virtual stores argu that the motivations relat to  savings in travel and time there bigger dcounts greater agility there greater stock of products cause they do not have a physical store.

Implement regular backups

Information like th of vital importance for brands since. It suggests ideas for the development of products services and dtribution channels that adapt to the new reality and consumer habits. Actionable findings for brands. The shopping experience mobile app development service  coming more physical physical and digital cause the consumer wants to find the st of what in person. Which attention and human contact with the st of what digital which spe and accuracy. Buyers in digital ecosystems coming more and tter inform fore purchasing. According to kantar ibope mia colombia th happens more frequently cause.

Train employees on data protection best practices

Buy fashion items and accessories About purchase auty cosmetics and health products. More than get computer and technology equipment Pay for household items. The bbva study that we cit above states that the gap in online transactions. Tween Executive List men and women was ruc due to a more intense decrease in the average purchase of the former. Bbva’s analys also determin that the average purchase of household appliances bookstores and sporting goods increas while it decreas in relation to entertainment airlines and travel agencies.