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We acquire to the planning of legitimate marketing campaigns. Lawyers certainly cannot be marketed in traditional forms using all existing digital marketing strategies and a significant portion of the budget will go to traditional media such as facebook , email marketing and at most instagram. Project management for accounting office – facilitate tasks and automate processes! Did you know that marketing is a fundamental part of accounting office management? Accounting firm project management requires agility and decisiveness, but how? Therefore, project management is not a day-to-day affair.

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I believe you, accounting entrepreneurs, know what i’m talking about! After all, how many times have you considered ways to optimize your process and ensure you feel more confident at work? Yes, every entrepreneur goes through this every day! Sleepless nights, New Caledonia Email List always worrying, eager to do better, need to sell more, etc. The big question: how? ! Come and talk to us today! Why marketing, marta? ” selling fish ” when i say that marketing is a fundamental part of accounting firm management. But no! Marketing, although many confuse it with advertising, is more than just promoting your office.

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Deep into the wound! Marketing 2 – project management in the accounting office – facilitate tasks and automate processes! Also, what kind of injury is this? Well, she is under your control, and even then, if you deny it, you agree with what i’m about to say next! But are you Executive List the type of person who has to see it to believe it? ! Do you like to have a look? Let’s go. How does your accounting firm plan projects, products and services? ” ah, marta, i’m on a case-by-case basis, by the person in charge! ” or ” i set goals, and my employees have to achieve them! ” these are common phrases used by clients i serve.