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Optimization campaign. Therefore, A Find out professional SEO company can enable first page rankings for the website increasing the chances of a click. Therefore, Advertisers can also opt for pay-per-click ads on search engines to promote their site. SEM is measurable accurately. A website can measure the. As we have already mentioned before, the content creator is the person who is. Therefore, dedicated to creating online content to help or entertain their audience. But how did this activity become a lucrative profession


Find out What is a content creator

 AdSense). Social Therefore, media enables interaction among two or more people known to each other directly category email list or indirectly by sharing views and thoughts on Therefore, a topic of common interest. Social  media includes Therefore, websites and Therefore, portals Therefore, such as YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter and Flicker etc. Social media marketing uses.

How did the first content creators get started

Therefore, collaborative media for marketing, sales, public relations, and customer service. Customers search for a product or service Executive List in a search engine when they are interested in it. Therefore, Based on the search phrase they type in the search engines, a marketer can know in. Therefore, identifying relevant keywords. When a user searches for a particular product, service or any information, search engines returns most relevant webpages to the search query on the top of.

What is Affiliate Marketing and why is it interesting for your business

Safe applications of What is Affiliate patches, along with the important. Updates to keep the website safe. They also ensure your business do not suffer  breakage. Keeping an eye on Performance optimization- Often the speed of the. Website takes a mar due to presence of large. Content creator or content creator is a professional. Who is dedicated to producing content on the Internet. Whether in text, video, image or audio format. To learn more about this profession, read this text until the end!


What is Affiliate Marketing

Proper health checkup plan placed. The website is regularly tuned up to ensure high level of industry email list performance on a constant basis. Optimization gives  rankings and user experience. Often the speed of the website takes a mar due to presence of large content in the form of high definition images, videos, animations and lots of pages. With a proper health.

How does Affiliate Marketing work

Constant basis. Optimization gives better search engine rankings and user Executive List experience ecommerce portal development company in india.Search engine marketing (SEM) promotes a website on Google, Yahoo and other search engines through various methods such as organic search marketing, paid placement, and contextual advertising. When a product or service of the.

What are meta tags and how to use them

Information, your AI assistant will be able to work What are through numerous attributes and variables and provide you with a helpful data. This data will help to see the right direction you should take in order to increase the sales. AI will even help with a probability of conversion, which was very hard to do in the past. It’s a great moment to hop on the train called AI and start improving your online presence and business.


What are The most important meta tags for web positioning

AI based tools, you’ll be able to lift your marketing campaign to a new top industry data level, which will result in better sales and overall revenue. Don’t wander too much but start learning about AI’s possibilities. The new knowledge will help you to improve in all aspects of your business. .When do users need to recover data from hard disk (Windows).

How to write good meta tags

Users are increasing, also data deletion and lost cases are Executive List expanding. Actually, HDD partition is something very essential and marked during executing the computer and saving important database files on it. It’s a best way to store a large batch of database in its memory. Unfortunately, sometimes because bad crises hard disk can be. Data Recovery is a hot concern todays in IT industry, because data loss hazards take place in IT field anytime. Out of all data recoveries we are here talking about Windows Data Recovery.

Digital marketing strategies: Which is the most appropriate to achieve your objectives

If we want to achieve certain digital marketing objectives, there is only one way: draw up a strategy. This is applicable to any area: business, personal, economic, etc. Even in love! When we want to conquer someone, we draw up a strategy: get her attention, start an informal conversation, have a first meeting… Until he says “yes” to you, or he says “no”! The same thing happens in digital marketing. As a company, we will define objectives that we want to achieve thanks to the Internet, but we have to know what is the best strategy to achieve them. And this, I’m sorry to tell you, is not easy. Because? Because many times we do not know which strategy is the most appropriate. 

What is a digital marketing strategy

The first thing is to define what a digital top industry data marketing strategy is . By marketing strategy we understand: ” Set of interconnected actions that we will carry out in order to achieve certain objectives .” That is, everything we are going to do. We should not confuse it with tactical actions. For example, publishing a post on TikTok is a tactical action. Managing the presence of a brand on social networks with the intention of achieving measurable objectives would be the strategy. A strategy must answer 4 questions: What are we going to do, where, when and how are we going to do it to achieve the defined objectives. To make it easier for you to understand. I am going to explain the different digital marketing strategies and what objectives we can achieve with each of them. 

What objectives can we achieve

This strategy is ideal to achieve the Executive List following objectives: Branding. Improve awareness of a brand or make it known in a new market. Visibility. Make a product or service or functionality known to the target audience. Engagement. Generate potential clients to interact with the content that influencers have created by prescribing a product or brand. Sales. Although there are more effective strategies to achieve this objective, thanks to the prescription of users with the capacity to influence it is possible to encourage sales. Prescription. Finally, as an objective we can establish the fact of achieving high-value prescriptions.

How to easily install WordPress manually on your hosting

If we do not How to have the latest version of WordPress, we download it. Therefore, from its official. Next we access . After that, our hosting and create the folder that will contain the new website, for example, a folder called . We can do this using an FTP manager or by accessing the FTP Web of your hosting. We unzip the WordPress .zip file that we. Therefore, have downloaded. After that, and upload all the content to the new. Therefore, hosting folder that we have called Next, we redirect. After that, the domain to the folder where WordPress is installed. 

10 steps necessary to install WordPress How to

Next, we redirect the domain to the category email list folder where WordPress . Therefore, is installed. That is, we redirect. After that, the domain  to the  folder. This is in the case of having the domain registered with this same hosting provider. It’s the most comfortable. If not, we will have to modify the DNS of the domain where we. After that, have contracted it so that they point to said folder. We access the MySQL database control panel. Therefore, of our hosting and create a new one. I recommend that you modify the name of the database that appears by default to one that is easy for you to identify, as well as modify . Therefore,the password. We write down the name of the database, the username, the password. After that, and where the database was created, since we will need it immediately. 

Think about SEO when writing a headline

We return to the folder where we have Executive List installed all the WordPress and download the sample file locally . We open this file with a notepad or HTML editing program (for example Dreamweaver) and modify. After that, the following data that we have previously noted: database name, username, MySQL hostname and password. We save the file by changing the name to  and upload it again to the  folder hosted on the hosting.

How to Write the Perfect Blog Post Headline

10 years. Yes, a decade ago I wrote the How to first article on this blog. The task that I have been carrying out for the most years, and that has possibly generated the most satisfaction for me: professional changes, entrepreneurship, new personal opportunities, etc. All personal and professional achievement. And today I want to celebrate it in the best way, with a new article! Specifically, with a topic that I have been keeping in draft for a long time but that I consider key for those who, like me, enjoy writing: choosing the perfect headline for an article. Go for it. 

What should the perfect headline be like How to

Short. Be brief. As I pointed out in the previous industry email list section, do not add more than 6 words. What you want to tell will be developed in the article. A single idea . Usually, and even more so if we are looking for very complete articles, several ideas are presented in the same post. For the headline we must choose a single idea, the most powerful. The clearer it is, the better! Descriptive. The perfect headline must describe information, although the tone can vary, that is, it can be ironic, interrogative, affirmative, persuasive… Hook word or expression. Use expressions or terms such as “How to…”, “The 10…”, etc. In the next section we will talk about it in more detail. Superlative adjectives . 

10 hook words or expressions for a perfect headline

The words “hook” are those “ingredients” that should always be Executive List added to a headline so that a good one becomes a perfect one. These are some: Secrets/Tricks/Tips . We are all curious. And if an article reveals something that no one knew to date, we will click to read it. But always remember not to create false expectations! An example would be: “Five tricks that no one had told you…” or “The 3 best tricks for…”. Free. Free always sells, even if it is paradoxical. If in the article you offer some free content (a guide, an e-book, a template…) it will surely work. Absolute / Definitive. 

This campaign urges men to strangle their hose to prevent unwanted pregnancies

This campaign when we talk about preventing unwanted pregnancies. Almost all the responsibility falls on women. Who are invariably the ones who have to take the pill or resort to other contraceptive methods to avoid becoming pregnant. Beyond using condoms when having sex. Men seem freed from any sense of responsibility when the topic of contraception comes up. For this reason, a group of women from the American agency McGarrah Jessee (Anna Crane, Stephanie Cain. Page Kastner and Abby Hinojosa) has launched an attractive outdoor advertising campaign that seeks to balance the responsibility of men .

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“Be Unproductive” (as the campaign is titled) is supported top industry data by ingenious images that illustrate vasectomies in a very visual way. We see, for example, a hose with a knot, a scalpel strategically placed between two ibuprofen tablets, a drill that has lost its bit, and a zip tie placed around a balloon filled with water. “Male contraception is an act of solidarity towards all those human beings who own a uterus ,” can be read in the “Be Unproductive” campaign. “Those who will never suffer a miscarriage can at least take action to never cause one.”

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“We are in the business of ideas and Executive List ideas come from people. So we have to make sure we take into account all the external factors to truly impact people. Says Stephanie Cain, creative director. by McGarrah Jessee. The authors of such a provocative campaign confess that the daring images that appear in them have provoked angry reactions from passers-by . In fact. Some signs were torn down as soon as they saw light on the streets. “We’re fine with these types of reactions because it means we’ve actually hit the right button,” says Brittany Ruiz, McGarrah Jessee’s media supervisor.

This is how brands milk the cow of interactive content

This is how interactive content plays a very relevant role in the content marketing strategies of brands, which, after all. Find in it a phenomenal springboard to fuel engagement. Brands work with a plethora of interactive content. But which one brings the best results to the table? A recent report from Ascend2 concludes that emails of an interactive nature have the reputation of being the most effective interactive format in the eyes of marketers . 52% of marketers consider interactive videos to be the most effective. Interactive videos and live streaming (47%) and surveys and quizzes (35%) also boast high doses of effectiveness.

Interactive emails are the format that best combines effectiveness and ease of execution

The Ascend2 study also puts the spotlight category email list on the most difficult interactive content formats to execute (which do not necessarily coincide with the most effective). Interactive videos and live streaming (40%) are judged to be the most difficult interactive formats to execute. And they are followed in terms of difficulty by interactive infographics (38%), interactive eBooks (32%), calculators (30%), games (30%), interactive emails (26%) and quizzes ( 18%).

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If we take into account both the Executive List effectiveness and the difficulty of execution of the different formats evaluated in its report by Ascend2, the best ones turn out to be interactive emails. Whose execution complexity is rather minimal and they boast of being the most effective. Surveys and quizzes also fall into this category. While interactive eBooks and games are generally perceived as more difficult to execute than truly effective.

Nike faces LeBron James and Jason Momoa who is Father Time personified

Nike faces the match of the year: “The King” against “The Clock” in the brand’s new campaign. “Father Time” was created to promote the launch of the “LeBron XX. A new pair of sneakers in collaboration with the Lakers player. The launch of these shoes. The fun audiovisual piece, comes shortly before the start of LeBron James ‘ 20th season in the NBA . In this first Nike spot. Therefore, Commentator and former NBA star Richard Jefferson mentions how “LeBron James has been great. But this is his 20th season. Therefore, jefferson adds that Father Time can’t be far away. At this comment. The personification of time magically appears in front of the player.

Father Time the new Nike collaboration with LeBron

Wearing a purple robe, “Father Time,” played by actor industry email list Jason Mamoa , challenges the Lakers player to a series of competitions. With the aim of seeing if “The King” can end his undefeated streak. “Can the King beat the clock? The battle begins on October 20” details Nike’s creativity. Which is clearly inspired by the Space Jam reboot, starring the NBA player. To create this new campaign, Nike worked together with the creative agency Wieden+Kennedy . Responsible for developing the miniseries of spots “Father Time

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James is assured Executive List of a future in the Hall of Fame. As the brand points out. The relationship with Nike “has stood the test of time. Therefore, as they have been collaborating since 2015 in a lifetime agreement. On October 20. LeBron debuted his 20th season. The Lakers faced the Golden State Warriors . Therefore, a match where the Los Angeles team was defeated with a score of 123-109. In favor of the San Francisco team. Which will include future challenges that will confront Father Time and LeBron James.

The product part discount coupons with limitation of uses

Beware, marketing buddies, devising campaigns in a week’s time when any kind of product is required for them to work. Almost guaranteed failure. For marketing, coming up with and executing a campaign in a week may be possible. With difficulties or not, but it is possible. In terms of product, any change, no matter how small it may seem to marketing, is practically impossible in that time . And there is the typical disappointment of a group of creatives becoming disillusioned when, after presenting the fantastic campaign, the product tells them that nanain from China. That is why it is so necessary for marketing teams to know the possibilities, roadmap, dedication of resources and margin of action of the product team.

Brainstorming for publication copy

The next thing we needed were the texts for the social media posts. Anyone would have considered it enough to make a single text for all the publications, but, ha, that wasn’t worth it to us. sheet exported screamloots In addition, we knew that Twitter is not top industry data very happy when many tweets are published with very similar texts. And, wow, how boring. We needed fun content or at least an attempt at it . And we know that two people can’t come up with 30 texts that easily. It’s better to have 30 people come up with content each… right? Solution? Easy: spontaneous brainstorming in the office . Like yell and say the first thing that comes to mind. I am a staunch defender of remote work, but these things cannot be done remotely like that… It is not the same… These moments are fun, they unite teams, release tensions and give the opportunity to get to know each other better. But above all they are spontaneous. If you call a spontaneous group video conference you usually get, in most cases, regular crickets and ideas.

A uniform and random distribution of coupons and phrases throughout the day

I’m not going to go into much detail here. We wanted everything to seem spontaneous and random. We did not want our subconscious to condition the order of the texts, nor for the times in which we published to Executive List be predictable, nor for the fake coupons to respond to a pattern. So we used the “shuffle” function of Google Sheets to rearrange the texts of the social media posts as well as the coupons. feature To choose the times in which they would be published on networks, we used the random time function of to generate 30 random times between a specific range . And all of that was unified in that Google Sheets.

Screamloots the automated Halloween campaign that generated +30K in revenue

A week in advance, the date was put on the table: Halloween. The initial idea responded to a specific objective: impact. Remember to emphasize the o and be careful with the p, which tends to spit . Impact . It’s not that we had too many expectations either. We had to do something, yes. But hey, let’s not mess around… What can we get? We smile at the same time, 200 km away, prepared for the typical “storm of ideation”. What do we do? How do we set it up? 4 hours later everything was ready. As they say, we could die in peace that Halloween was coming out .

The idea: release discount coupons throughout the day

The idea as such was very simple , even to execute manually: we had a lot of discount coupons that we wanted to release throughout the category email list day through publications on social networks. The coupons would be limited to a few uses so anyone who wanted to redeem them would have to hurry before other people took them away. We strengthened the feeling of scarcity and urgency a little. But, as Vicent pointed out, leaving it there was a bit boring . We wanted a little more fun, we wanted a little mystery, we wanted trick or treating. So we thought it would be fun to release coupons with different discount percentages as well as fake coupons. That is, coupons that did not work. Which one would work? Quite a mystery.

How to automate the release of coupons: the synergy between tools and the economy of time

Although we accept that there are many points where we cannot achieve it, if there is something that we do not like at all, it is the loss of control. Leave things to chance. Throughout my experience I have understood that the best time to finish the tasks related to an idea is right at the moment Executive List when that idea is flowing in your heart. When you feel the excitement of what you are thinking running through your veins… And I have also understood that it is very easy for the planets to align to hump you, condition you or make it difficult for you to execute an idea, no matter how simple it may seem .

ICE Score improved version how to prioritize the ideas of the Growth team

Sunday afternoon, sofa, blanket and post. The last in the series. A post against the clock (like the previous ones, what a novelty) but perhaps the most valuable of all: it is the sixth in six weeks or, in other words, Vicent pays for dinner. He will have to acknowledge it publicly in the comments… hehehe What less, then, than to bring up that topic that united us in debate a few weeks after his return to Spain from his expedition through San Francisco.

What is the ICE Score? The official definition

In his book The Hacking Growth Method , Sean Ellis proposes a simple method to organize ideas and prioritize them, Therefore,assigning them a score based on 3 criteria: Impact : impact that we predict that idea, action or test will have. We cannot foresee the same impact by changing the color of a button as by closing an agreement with the biggest influencer in the sector. Going on TV does not have industry email list the same impact as sending an email to our list. Confidence : refers to the degree of security we have that this idea or action will have the impact we believe. Sean says something like “how sure are we that it’s going to work?” Therefore,Although, we will see later, “functioning” is too diffuse a concept to do Growth.

Improved ICE Score or how to provide objectivity to a subjective method

Exactly! Ains, how fast you think. Wow, you’ve impressed me. I haven’t finished writing this sentence and you’re already thinking about the solution: Therefore,Vic establishes a unified criterion that gives objectivity to the system. Exact! Indeed, the solution to the problem of subjectivity and Executive List lack of concreteness is objectivity and concreteness . There’s no more. Boom. A meme would be needed here. This is how Therefore,I began to develop an idea and an improved ICE Score model that Vicent later perfected for his own Startup (it always beats me, it is what it is). Main characteristics of the Improved ICE Score The improved ICE Score aims to add concreteness and objectivity to the initial method thanks to three changes: