My name is marta giove i am the ceo of the dpg group

My agency and i aim to make you an entrepreneur in the accounting field. For that, i need to talk to you about accounting marketing. It’s that simple! As i have always said, the goals of accounting marketing are to: – of course, – increase awareness among current and potential clients of the value of the services offered by an accounting firm, raising awareness of the target audience and market this is entrepreneurship in general, about you a good brand is all about generating lots of sales and new business to ensure your business is growing, profitable and successful.

Simple right? Well, the problem is that

Talking about accounting marketing without a clear strategy is like fishing without bait! You might even catch something, but the overall result is indeterminate at best. In the complex and competitive business of the accounting industry, it is important to Sao Tome and Principe Email List have an edge to ensure the acquisition, growth and profitability of new business for accounting firms. This is where a well-planned marketing of accounting services sales strategy comes in handy. So today, i decided to talk about 10 laws of accounting marketing that no accountant should ignore if they are to achieve their business growth goals. Let’s go? Study hard.

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Your product or service must represent

A solution to a potential customer’s problem, and your accounting marketing must clearly state this in all communications. 2 no one knows how good you Executive List are unless they buy from you. Before that, they can only know whether your accounting marketing is good or not. 3 the easier it is for others to do what you do, the less you get paid. What promise can only you make? 4 if you try to be everything to everyone, you will end up being everything to everyone! The money is in the niche market. Don’t you believe it yet? Remember: same strategy, same result.