A movement led by sebrae president guilherme afif domingos

With the participation of sescon-sp, fenacon, the permanent forum of entrepreneurs and the são paulo accounting accreditation entity, mobilized to approve the project and overturn the president’s veto on the implementation of refis for small businesses. We support this flag because it believes in equal and differential treatment, seeking to respect the federal constitution, while keeping in mind that simples nacional cannot be disadvantaged compared to those companies that choose to make hypothetical or actual profits.

A manifesto against the veto was released

Emphasizing the concerns of entities over the situation of more than 550,000 companies. Opting for simples nacional, owed about 22.7 billion reais and subject. To exclusion from the system. Threaten. the document is signed by the entities of the permanent forum. For Vietnam Email List the protection of entrepreneurs, such as sescon-sp, aescon-sp, fecomerciosp. Through its committees on tax affairs – cat, acsp, facesp, sinsa, cesa, crcsp, sindcont-sp. Fecontesp, ibracon and others , backed by the parliamentary. Entrepreneurship and combating fiscal war front.

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Highlighted the unconstitutionality of the veto as

It disregards article 179 of the federal constitution concerning. The treatment and unequal treatment of differentiated and. favored micro and small firms. Given that launch of the special tax regularization program – pert, aimed at not opting for simples nacional. Mainly large and medium-sized legal entities. In this way, we thank mps for their sensitivity to small Executive list Business issues. As well as forum entities fenacon and frepem, on behalf of its chairman. Vice-chairman itamar borges, for his commitment to this fight and support. To all parties involved in the cause and entrepreneurship brazilian taxpayers.