The most popular tools people use after finding emails

Because it’s an automated way to make sure you get their attention and you have control over what’s going on. Manually sending emails, not knowing who opened them and feeling like you’ve wasted a day is painful.

Not sending followups means you miss out on 90% of your sales as people often ignore the first email. We’ve been there.

How do you react when someone sends you a sequence of emails

You ignore the first
You get annoyed by the second
By the third you start reading what that person is really saying.
By the fourth email you are like ‘wow, this is one relentless motherf**ker’ and you might even start googling their company.
Either way, by the 4th or 5th or Pakistan Phone Numbers even 6th or 7th email, you reply. You might only say ‘sorry, not interested’ but you did damn well read it all and check if it’s relevant. Maybe you googled the company, the person and looked up on twitter to see if they look as crazy as they seem.
The scariest thing about follow ups is ‘clicking send’ and starting the process. Once you’ve done it though, it’s like “I was crazy not to do that before”. If you know your product will help them, get the message across.

Here are the main components to a follow up tool
Taken from the Woodpecker home page.

1. Send emails
Send your emails & follow-ups

2. Auto follow up
Follow-up automation

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A company sells web design The most popular services and realises

That a company’s founder is the best person to contact. They search and find 100 founder emails and import them into the email follow up tool. The tool The most popular  then takes over, sends emails and follows up with 3 more emails until it gets their attention.

Altogether, it’s slightly crazy not to  use Executive List tools like this because while it might feel like ‘good hard work’ to individually send emails, there is a reason automation saves money and increases results. When we ask people which tools they use, it’s rare for them not to mention a follow up tool.