How to Do the Perfect Snapshot

This may not be relevant to some people.

— If the fish grabs the lure, just pull it right?

This may not be a problem if we are fishing for greedy fish such as sea bream or sea bream using minnow lures.

However, for some techniques and species of fish, it requires skill in making a hookset .

For example, if we use soft plastic, jigs or surface beads.

Or a species that has a hard jaw like lady fish or a mouth that is easy to tear like kelah.

It is the most critical moment between solid hookup , eccentric hookup only or no hookup at all.

Key Basics in Responding to Shocks

There are three things we should consider when doing jerks

To understand the effect of these three things on the Whatsapp Mobile Number List reaction process, I will try to explain it briefly.

1. Understand Lure Types First
In addition to basic fishing rods, gewang fishing is also very concerned with sensitivity to fish signals, especially soft plastic (SP) and jigging.

Soft Plastic resembles real bait, both the external shape, and even the body feels like real food for the fish.

Because SP is too similar to real bait, many anglers often experience problems when playing this lure, which is often failing to ensure the right time to respond.

The problem arises when we forget that SP has only one single hook and is hidden in its body

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It’s no ordinary lure that has more than a three point shape!

Therefore, when it feels like a fish touches the bait, the Executive List angler must control his passion so as not to get confused and respond immediately.

Think of it like fishing for emotion with frog bait.

Give some time for the fish to swallow the SP, pull the rope slowly until it is taut, then snap!

Each lure is different and requires a different snapping method.

For example, the snapping method of water surface lures (rubber frogs for example) is different from diving lures.

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