We became a medium-sized agency

Expanded our services, qualified the team, more than doubled gross revenue in one year, went through many challenges, overcame and learned from them… but it’s time to change. It is necessary to change because the challenges now are different, they are bigger. The size of the company is changing, services are growing at an even faster pace, the team’s qualifications are even greater, the billing projection is also growing, and with all this the name Compre Clicks is no longer sustainable . Although it is emotionally very present, the name “Buy Clicks” no longer reflects what we are, our services, reality, and especially our mindset. Today, we are experiencing a moment of new positioning in the market, with a new quality of service. We are not just innovating to bring a new name, but a new model. The ratio is changing, and what changes with it is perception.

We are ready to deliver 10 times more

Have 10 times more challenges and grow at a 10 times faster pace. The agency name should be 10x better too. Thanks again to the name “Compre Clicks”. Affectively, it will still be with us, but officially, as of 2019, the market will see the birth of a new Compre Clicks, a global, technological, modern and innovative name. News is coming!What is email marketing Georgia WhatsApp Number List and why should it be part of your business marketing strategy By Leandro Gorzoni October 10, 2017 In times of virtual and impersonal communication, email marketing is still trying to reinvent itself in a market dominated by social networks and digital media. In the early 1990s, the internet was still in its infancy, with a basic structure in which internet pages had little information about a given subject. E-mail or e-mail.

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Marketing, a direct evolution of the latter

Was still quite primitive, but it was already emerging as a very useful and advantageous electronic messenger for the daily lives of home users and IT professionals. Almost 30 years later, this marketing communication tool has become part of the routine of professionals in the most varied areas, especially in the field of digital marketing. Email Executive List marketing was quickly incorporated into the communication strategies of companies, which realized the potential it could provide for their businesses. E-commerce stores are a very illustrative example of this scenario. From the use of a form in which consumers inform their personal or corporate e-mail, an entire process of triggering e-mail marketing, configured to be sent to a segmented e-mail marketing list. However, despite all this potential, e-mail marketing is still little explored by companies in terms of generating more consistent and lasting.

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