We Sometimes Forget That Data Is A Real Gold Mine

It was then that Isabelle Defay (Agency manager), Cindy Ronsoux and Fanja Sancéau (Inbound marketers) began to take an interest in this method. Since then, they have learned a lot! a masterclass on the basics of inbound marketing: good practices and pitfalls to avoid . Everything you need to launch your first inbound campaigns. 2 / TV media, the specialty of Good Buy Media [Masterclass] Advanced TV – Olivier Bonnin, Frédéric Degouy It’s no secret that television remains a medium with an important strike force, more than useful in any brand awareness campaign.

That data is essential to build customer

And if you go further? Today, new digital formats are available, such as VOD, streaming . The marketing of television advertising has therefore changed a phone number list great deal : segmentation, CPM buying, targeting via box operators, etc. Olivier Bonnin (Associate Director of Good Buy Media) will tell you all about advanced TV. 3 / Boost your acquisition strategy, with the right levers thanks to Mediaveille  Acquisition strategy: how to optimize your campaigns thanks to customer knowledge? – Yohann Delahaye What is at the heart of a well-thought-out and effective acquisition strategy? The date of course! We all agree that data is essential to build customer loyalty and offer them new and ever more relevant offers.

It is a succession of specific actions

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But  for addressing prospects in a personalized way . The challenge to acquire new leads? Know your targets Executive List well and use this knowledge to address them. In practice, it is a succession of specific actions that Yohann Delahaye (General Manager of Mediaveille) will present based on a client case. 4 / Loyalty and customer experience, at the heart of Avanci’s business [Masterclass] Create an ultra-personalized experience and maximize customer value through data! – Bruno Carroi, Véronique Thibaud, Emmanuelle Candau What could be more important today than personalization for building a unique customer experience? To bring value to your customers over the long term, you need to think about a specific strategy.

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