How to register a website in the main search engines

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.It is very common to find advertisements from companies that, upon payment, register your website in dozens of search engines, many of them, the majority, that no one even knows about. And, obviously, if no one knows, who is going to look for our page there? According to a study How to register carried out by , Google is the absolute king, with 85% of searches carried out in Spain. Yahoo and Bing are second and third respectively. The Chinese search engine Baidu and Ask are barely used, but they are there, with their small portion of Internet searches. That is why when positioning our website, we must pay close attention to how Google indexes it.

The different search engines How to register

In subsequent posts we will see different actions that will help us improve our positioning , and we will also see how to monitor our position regarding certain keywords and competitor websites.) But, nevertheless, we must not forget the rest, therefore, to start working on the positioning executive data of our website, it is advisable to suggest our url to the most popular search engines . Perhaps, for various reasons, robots have already indexed it, but it doesn’t hurt, although no search engine guarantees its optimal positioning simply because of this. Here you have the links to suggest URLs for the different search engines . Suggest site to Google.

 Improve our positioning

Suggest site to Baidu . Include url in . For this site it is necessary that the website has a sitemap.xml. If you have it, you simply have to send it through the ping-tories , but we will see this in future posts . Carlos Carbellido Carlos Carbellido I am a digital marketing Executive List consultant, speaker and trainer specialized in social media strategies, search engine positioning (SEO and SEM) and personal branding at the “Un Community Manager” agency and digital marketing blogger. Additionally, I have recently created the influencer marketing agency, The Troop . Articles that may also interest.