What do all these subsidiaries have in common

The digital company of tomorrow is co-built with women – Dipty Chander, Ilham Guggenheim, Guy Mamou Mani, Olivier Méril, PPC ? The Mv Group vision, carried by Olivier Méril. The President of MV Group will address in this round table his vision of the company of tomorrow . MV Group is now a partner of the ESTIMnumérique association . His role ? Promote diversity in the digital sector and encourage the upskilling of women in these professions.That’s good, it’s Avanci’s specialty! Bruno Carroi (Avanci Associate Director) and Véronique Thibaud (Consulting Director), join Emmanuelle Candau (Digital Marketing Specialist at Millésima).

To know more about the expertise

To take stock of the subject and offer you practical keys. 5 / The MV Group vision with Olivier Méril [Round table] Today, only 1 in 10 women are founders of a database tech start-up . All the participants in this round table are pursuing the same objective: to change things so that this figure becomes obsolete. Want to know more about the expertise of the Mv Group subsidiaries? These conferences are there for you! And at the end of these interventions, take the time to come and discuss with us! Winbound, Mediaveille, Good Buy Media and Avanci will be present in the stand area: come meet us!The year 2020 is just beginning, and your calendar is already filling up.

To allow you to succeed in your digital


As CEO, it is therefore important for you. To prioritize events with high added value. Those that Executive List llow you to boost your business. In your shortlist, don’t forget to add Inbound Marketing France if you haven’t already.To save you time, we offer you your tailor-made day for tuesday. January 28 in rennes, to allow you to succeed. In your digital transformation. A morning under the sign of digital transformation 9 a.M.Welcome by our team and official launch of the event. Our team in marinière will welcome you (with a smile!) near. The couvent des jacobins to guide you to the auditorium room.

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