What Is Happiness Recently misunderstandings

They are getting further and further away from Allah SWT and increasingly ignorant of the teachings of His religion.

How can a person who is not struggling towards getting to heaven get into it?

In fact, Allah SWT has said:

For them will be the Home of Peace with their Lord. And He will be their protecting friend because of what they used to do.

Whatever happens, hard or good times, we all crave happiness for the heart.

That is the culmination of the journey of a piece of the heart when it is happy to face whatever befalls it.

A happy heart means no problems Instead it faces issues with a calm and airy nature

Many people still wonder, what is happiness?

There is no human being who does not want to be happy.

Anything that human beings strive for and do is to Database achieve happiness. It is the natural nature of every human being.

Unfortunately, the human desire for happiness is often unfulfilled.

Many people do not know what happiness means, and they also do not know how to get it.

If we look for something that we unknown, we will not find it.

Therefore the quest for happiness must first begin with finding happiness’s meaning


What Does It Mean To Be Happy?
Some think that the meaning of happiness is relative.

It varies from one individual to another.

For the sick, the healthy feel happy. But when you are healthy, happiness is not in health anymore.

He has moved on to other things. Happiness is non-specific. It’s like a kind ‘moving target’ for this group.

There are also pessimists.

They think that there is no happiness in this Executive List world. Life is to suffer.

Humans are born with tears, live with tears, and are sent to the grave with tears. Happiness is a utopia, illusion, or wishful thinking. It does not exist in reality and reality.

Before getting an answer about the true meaning of happiness, we must first determine what the source of that happiness is.

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