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You now know the levers you can use to boost your site traffic. But the work does not stop there. You need to make sure that you put the odds on your side to turn these visitors into leads or buyers. To create conversion paths and optimize them, nothing beats auditing the ergonomics of your website.Is my site optimized from an ergonomic point of view? Are the navigation paths optimized? Doesn’t the loading time of my site penalize browsing and my performance? Today, 40% of Internet users leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load! Working on the ergonomics of your site is.

The ergonomics of your site

Therefore more than ever a necessity and our experts will give you areas for optimization. Meet experts at Inbound Marketing France Audit its monitoring and Latest Mailing Database content strategy A well-designed website is a website capable, through its content, of arousing interest and generating qualified traffic. You have thought about the ergonomics of your site, but have you thought about how your content is built? Detailed, clear, SEO-friendly pages and articles can help you capture your audience. Your web content must therefore respond to the problems of your targets,  practices of natural referencing.

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Latest Mailing Database

Writing unique texts will also help you differentiate yourself from the competition.  My advice is Executive List to carry out tests on a few pages. Or even directly to create A/B test pages to compare without risk.The only way for you to find the right equation is to test. And measure the results of these tests. Among the multitude of levers that you will (re)discover on january 28. You can prioritize those that will have an immediate impact. On your performance. As a ceo or marketing manager. You surely have expectations.But you are not a specialist in all digital levers.You still have to know what the competition is doing. This is where the day before plays a crucial role.

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