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Circumstances. In June it is notic that the companys Why is it important website is hack and restoration requires urgent measures from the website partner. 5000 euros break from the budget for a surprising expenditure. During the Christmas season it is notic that the budget is no longer enough to maintain advertising and no more money is given even if the best sales season of the year is at hand. Budgeting is also directly relat to the change in purchasing behavior. Channels and the selection process are constantly evolving. For example

Competitive advantage

Become the hottest social mia channel in a short time where advertising can bring a significant to a brand. How can your business lead company take these into account in its budgeting in the middle of the year Consider at least these in your budget Fix costs i.e. for example the price of work licenses and tools. Surprising expenses. For example something breaks and nes to be fix. Development such as trainings analysis planning. Trying something new like new channels new visuals new copy. Flexibility if for example the

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Or later. Lets take a closer look at what the points mention above can concretely contain. Build a budget with enough flexibility to react as the situation Executive List demands We have now liv through several different crises and we can hardly avoid them in the future. In these situations companies sensitively want to protect themselves and tighten the purse strings by cutting back on marketing . However it will probably have a greater adverse effect on the companys future than is even thought of at that moment. If your customers dont know you now