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However, e-mail as a tool for commercial use. Aimed at boosting sales, only appeared in 1978. When  better known as the “Father of Spam” sent a kind of e-mail marketing promoting a computer called. Decsystem-20 for almost 600 users present on Arpanet until then. The reaction of this portion of people upon receiving. Was not at all receptive. As the flood of emails sent at the same time was considered a spam practice. Even almost 40 years later, this type of unwanted e-mail is still disseminated frequently. Only this time accompanied by programs and malicious extensions disguised as hyperlinks like viruses. To avoid the spread of this harmful practice both for those who want to take advantage. All the benefits that e-mail marketing can provide and for those who want to receive e-mails that are increasingly aligned with.

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A very enlightening tutorial email marketing trigger for your e-commerce segment. Check out! 2) Email marketing: step-by-step to do it without error email-marketing3 With e-commerce in full swing in the Brazilian retail trade, e-mail marketing is still on the horizon  Greece WhatsApp Number List as an indispensable marketing communication tool to create relationships between companies and consumers. However, most companies that want to insert email to generate revenue for their customers still make the serious mistake of not investing in prior planning to send email marketing. Entrepreneur and business administrator, Leandro Gorzoni, 32 years old, founder of Yooper, a results-oriented digital marketing agency, is familiar with this reality. At the head of Yooper’s operations for 6 years, Leandro has implemented e-mail marketing in the routine of his clients, most of whom belong to the e-commerce segment. According to him, the big retailer, unlike the small one, has a broader vision in relation.

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Both [e-mail marketing and social networks] at the same time. Not least because they don’t have the necessary resources. Large e-commerce retailers, on the other hand. Already have a more consolidated view of the product and the profitability it can deliver. Evaluates the businessman. This same business vision cited by Leandro has also been Executive List  implemented by new entrepreneurs in extremely specific segments of e-commerce. As they belong to a generation that is more used to the technological changes brought about by the internet. These online retailers stand out among the rest by adopting behavioral targeting (BT) in conjunction with e-mail marketing. Based on an analysis of consumer browsing behavior on the Internet, it is possible to create strategies that reach this type of audience, better known in marketing jargon as personas . This is certainly one of the biggest advantages of working with behavioral targeting in your email marketing strategy.