The world of online content creation has seen phenomenal growth in recent years. In 2023, Forbes has identified the top content creators who are shaping the industry. In this article, we will explore who these influencers are, their achievements, and how they have impacted the digital world . You can’t miss our Master in Digital Marketing and Social  ANGEL MARBLE With more than 6.8 million  These are the best  followers on Tiktok and Instagram , she has become one of the best-known content creators in the world of social media. Her career on social networks began in 2014 sharing dances, challenges and content focused on fashion. One of the elements that has differentiated her from the rest of her classmates has been the visibility against bullying, both in face-to-face events with associations and in her own book “Smile even if it costs.

MARTA LOZANO These are the best 

WEhere she tells us what the experience was like, what she learned and her resilience. Angela tells us that social networks can have a positive impact. MAR LUCAS The Catalan content creator has 2.5 followers on Instagram and 14.2 million followers on TikTok. Since her beginnings in networks, she has been characterized by dances and the world of lifestyle. However, this last year, the majority  executive email list of her content has focused on the music industry. At the moment she has released 4 songs and in three of them she has collaborated with high-level artists: You do – along with Kenia OS and Beéle with 2.7 million views The innocent – ​​Mar Lucas with 349 thousand Puerta del Sol – next to Juan Magán and Cali Y El Dandee Lie – with TIMO It can be seen that the best content creators are those who evolve and look for new content.


fields to expand their audience. E-BOOK How to work with Influencer Marketing Discharge JESUS ​​SEGOVIA Better known as Xuso Jones, he began his career as a singer, participating in the first season of the television show “X Factor” in Spain in 2007, where he reached the final. Since then, he has released hit music and singles, and his musical style encompasses pop and Spanish-language Executive List music. In addition to his musical career, Xuso Jones has also been prominent on YouTube, where he creates various content including parodies, vlogs, covers of popular songs, and collaborations with other content creators. His comedic style and charisma have attracted a wide audience on the platform. He also has a presence on TikTok, where he has more than 1.3 million followers. MASTER IN DIGITAL Combine digital tools to achieve a winning strategy Become the influencer you’ve always wanted to be! Thanks to his talent and personality they have.