What they are main types and how to use them

Digital media have never been so present in people’s daily lives as they are today. Proof of this is that 59.4% of the world’s population is already active on social networks, according to the Global Digital Trends report prepared by MeltWater and. We Are Social , published in January 2023. Regarding the most used language on social networks, Spanish occupies second place on networks such as Facebook. LinkedIn and Twitter and on platforms such as YouTube and Wikipedia, according to the study “Spanish, a living language”, carried out by the Cervantes Institute . in 2022. These data allow us to understand why brands have also massively turned to working with digital media, given that these have already become the center of marketing investment for many businesses.

What are digital media

Therefore, A digital medium is any communication carried out over the Internet. Some examples of this are posts on Instagram or Facebook. Banners on websites, ebooks, videos, etc. It can be said that digital media have existed since the 70s, when the Internet and the first emails. What they began to spread around the world. As the definition of digital media considers each type executive data of communication and/or content disclosed online. However, We have several strategies, such as inbound marketing , to attract the public and people who are interested in purchasing your product or service, the famous “leads”. 

What are the main types of digital media What they

Below, we show you the three main types of digital media, according, above all, to their way of organizing information.  Digital payment methods Paid media, paid media or paid traffic are synonyms for the method in. Which your business pays to appear Executive List before the public. Whether through promotions about its products and services or with disclosures of the brand itself.

Therefore, The great advantage of the digital payment method is that it has a great reach, you can segment it according to the needs of your strategy and it appears strongly to your consumers.