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Your website can and can’t have! I, marta giove, have spoken a lot here about digital legal marketing. Even so, i haven’t fully covered what a lawyer website should be and what needs to be avoided at all costs. You will find out today! Come on, today i will tell you all about this topic so that a ph.D. Knows everything necessary for his law firm to thrive on the internet and therefore in a physical environment! Fundamentals of digital legal marketing digital legal marketing requires a good understanding of the language used by potential clients; digital legal marketing must comply with the rules set by the oab.

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Your firm’s brand in both digital and physical environments; legitimate digital marketing requires a website with updated communication standards and the latest web targeting techniques. Now that you’ve learned the most important basics of digital legal marketing, it’s time South Korea Email List to understand how these strategies should work in practice – what your website should and shouldn’t have! Anyway, what can and cannot be on your website? When we talk about “Powers” and “Duties”, it is necessary to keep in mind the pre-established rules of the brazilian bar association, which are very clear about the permitted.

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As well as important points about digital marketing itself. Violating this would be disastrous for your office! So check below what you should be doing to ensure your office gets. The best results in the digital environment: what you can’t do act like a retailer as. With any Executive List media you are permitted to advertise your law firm on, use words that characterize your retail practice, such as: “Best law firm” or “Promotion of legal services,” etc. Work for free lawyers should not provide free services. So, don’t use capture tactics with phrases like “download the ebook and get a free consultation” and similar elements.