Before you start relationship marketing observe

The quality of your service. It is not only the capacity of the legal process to be considered. But mainly dealing with customers. Are they satisfied? Do you make them aware of the steps of the process they are involved in? Most people these days want to know, even in layman’s terms, how the services they employ unfold. So keep in constant contact with your client throughout the process. This tends to increase his confidence in the job. the second step is to build a relationship marketing strategy. Have an updated database with contacts of all clients as well as important data for each client.

You can gather information like birthdays, addresses

Occupations, and even general interests. Among all customers, you can also highlight those considered “special” based on their profile. That is, the people you are most interested in expanding your business with. Next, define the communication channels you intend to use Argentina Email Address for relationship marketing in your pitch. Some options: traditional letter, email, cell phone, and personal visits. The next step is to develop a calendar with strategic dates for making connections. For example, you could send a congratulatory email on a customer’s birthday, or call every 4-5 months to see if they need any help.

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In the case of sending letters or emails, you can delegate

This task to someone on your team. How about including it in your office routines? The content of emails and letters may include curiosities, market news and useful information. The important thing is that you can personalize the information in some way. very generic text will Executive List have no effect. Your customers need to know they are special to you. additionally, you can arrange visits to clients. Going out and talking to customers in person can be very effective. This brings you closer and increases your.