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Once you create an instagram broadcast channel. Your followers will get a notification to join your channel. You’ll also have access to a join channel sticker in case you want to promote your channel in your stories. And you’ll get a link you can share. So be sure to pin your link to your profile. Creators who have subscriptions are able to set their audience. You can either choose all followers or create an exclusive channel for your paid subscribers. How to join a broadcast channel as long as you’re following the creator. You can join their broadcast channel. Step Find the channel you want to join you will get a notification.

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When someone you follow has create a broadcast channel. Tap that notification to get to the broadcast channels section. You can also find broadcast channels in creators’ stories or occasionally linke on their profiles. Alternatively. You can have a friend send you an invite link to a creator’s channel you’d like to join. Notifications with account names on instagram step.

Navigate to the creator’s channel b2b leads you want to join and tap it navigate to creator broadcast channels step. Hit join broadcast channel once you’ve joine a channel. You can find it in your Instagram inbox next to your other message threads. Diy insider join broadcast channel step. Engage with emojis if you want to react to a channel update.

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You can press and hold the message you want to respond to. Then. Choose an emoji you want to respond with. Step. Share your favorite channels with your friends you can share broadcast channels with others. Simply hit the invite link icon in the top left to copy an invite url. How to create a broadcast channel if you’re a creator.

You can create a broadcast Executive List channel for your followers. It’s as easy as sending a dm. But instead of slidin’ into that cutie down the block’s messages. You’re sending thoughts out to all of your followers. Step. Navigate to your message center head to your message center by hitting the airplane icon send or the word bubble messenger in the top right corner. Step.