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Content. But we’re also selling )  Think of content marketing as convincing buyers to buy your content There is no hard sell on the product. To do this. you need to understand the buyer’s journey. Nobody wakes up and decides to buy a product. Customers also don’t pick and choose brands randomly. As the stats above show. customers rely on recommendations and content to make their decisions. Full Content Funnel.

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Full Funnel Content Strategy. Top of the Funnel Content. Content Marketing Strategy. What is Content Marketing. Blog Content. Content The buyer’s journey is divided into three phases. Awareness. Consideration. and Decision. The buyer’s Armenia Mobile Database journey begins with brand awareness. They read blog posts or check social media posts. The content at this point should be educational and informative because you’re making them aware that there is a problem. Sooner or later. buyers will consider the different options on the market. The content here is a mixture of useful information and marketing.

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You make the buyer aware that there is a Executive List solution to the problem. your product or service. In the end. buyers need to decide what product they want to buy. Sometimes this is called the closeout phase. You need to have a clear understanding of why your product is the best choice over other brands in the market. You’ll see how important content is at every stage of the buyer’s journey. It’s always a bit of a funnel that pushes buyers. In fact. from a marketer’s perspective. the buyer’s journey. also known as the full content funnel. is one thing. Understanding and developing an omnichannel content strategy is critical to solving the sales crisis. What is the full content.