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More confident positioning on the internet. Through keywords, we discover a portion of the cost of marketing campaigns. Words have degrees and costs of competition. The lower the competition, the easier it is to rank your business for relevant keywords. It’s not just through keyword research that things work! We also keep an eye on trends and news that shed light on the current state of the market and how it will shape your segment in the future. Set goals for legitimate marketing! It’s not enough to analyze keywords and define how your campaign will run.

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Knowledge in the planning of legitimate marketing campaigns. With all the existing tactics that digital marketing encompasses, lawyers cannot be marketed, of course, in its traditional form, and a significant portion of the budget will go to traditional media such as Afghanistan Email List facebook, email marketing, and at most instagram. Project management for accounting office – facilitate tasks and automate processes! Did you know that marketing is a fundamental part of project management in an accounting office? Accounting firm project management requires decisiveness and agility, but how? Therefore, project management is not a day-to-day affair!

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The subject, and i, marta, i believe you, accounting entrepreneurs, know what i’m talking about! After all, how many times have you considered ways to optimize your process and ensure you feel more confident at work? Yes, every entrepreneur goes through this Executive List every day! Having sleepless nights, worrying all the time, longing to do better, needing to sell more, etc. the big question is: what to do? ! Come, come, let me tell you about it today! Why marketing, marta? You might think i’m “selling the fish” when.