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AProposing innovative actions and improvements for the institutions involv. The activities are carri out with the main objective of strengthening the capacities of our future professionals to lead tourism areas and projects. With the Municipality of Lima, we are working on registering an inventory of tourist resources, supporting the local tourism development plan and raising tourist and guid awareness. Only to a At Casa Fernandini, support is provid with guid tours, organization of various events, support in the conservation of furniture and property, and cultural marketing.

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The alliance began with a welcome talk to our student volunteers on the San Juan de Lurigancho campus. This event was attend by Claudia Machiavelo, head of the Rímac Tourism area; Rocío Collavino, coordinator of the Faculty of Business and the teachers of the Administration and Tourist Services career Karina Enríquez business database and Noé Mamani Espinoza. Every September 27 for 43 years, World Tourism Day is commemorat, a date associat with the adoption of the statutes of the World Tourism Organization , which is headquarter in Madrid.

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Next, you can review HERE the study plan for the Administration degree at the Universidad Privada del Norte. Advantages of studying Business Administration 1. Business skills The Business Administration degree is design to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of business principles and practices. 2. Global vision of the business. It provides you with a panoramic view of the functioning of. An organization Executive List that helps you make inform and strategic decisions. Banner 3. Ample opportunities Obtaining a professional degree in. Only to a  Administration will allow you to enter. A wide range of opportunities in different industries. For both large companies. And micro-businesses or even create your own business.