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The shock was from the inside out. This change was necessary for us to reach the goal of, already in 2019. Being recognized as the best digital marketing company in Brazil. Above average in the quality of our services and, above all. We understand that there is no money that can buy PARTNERSHIP. One of our strongest pillars. PER FORMANCE “If we don’t give you a result. We don’t expect you to stay with us”. This phrase is present in our commercial proposal. Not by chance. We are a 100% result-oriented company. Each Yooper is certified and capable of operating the main tools on the market, whether in Google or Social Media strategies. No wonder we are one of the main agencies in Brazil with the Google Premier Partner seal.

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You can check it out on our about how to make an efficient email marketing strategy, you have to keep in mind that it is made up of a series of objectives to be achieved in a certain order: Proper customer segmentation Avoid capture by the SPAM filter Increase the rate of opened emails Decrease unsubscribes or classification as SPAM Click-through Ecuador WhatsApp Number List rate increase Increased sales conversion Do A/B tests Having these objectives described correctly, it is possible to develop a funnel with the following result: for every 1000 emails sent, 950 escape SPAM, 450 are opened, 200 are not discarded or classified by the reader, 100 are clicked and directed to the website of e-commerce and, of these 100, only 10 turn into a converted sale. However, it’s not just thinking about the strategy that makes your email marketing campaign a success.

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The e-mail capture website and base-raising strategies”. It may seem like a lot of investment for little return, but believe me: a good email marketing campaign becomes essential to keep your brand always in the minds of your current and future customers. To help you, check Executive List out some tips on how to do efficient email marketing. Infallible tips for a perfect strategy base segmentation Considered as the first stage of a marketing strategy, it needs to be done well because its result will totally influence the following stages. Therefore, the ideal is to correctly select some email marketing tools, such as Mailchimp, RD Station, i Contact, Benchmark, among many others. Knowing what content to send to each of your customer segments is extremely important for your work to be interesting and accurate for each selected audience. Furthermore, it is important to note that there are two types.