According to Leandro it is necessary to balance a series

Factors, being fundamental “to have a good triggering tool and public clustering processes. HTML’s, arts for Desktop and segmentation in email marketing, one is based on behavior, while the other focuses on the user’s profile. Regarding segmentation options based on user behavior, everything will depend on the email marketing tool purchased. At this point it is possible to highlight some different types of shots, such as: For anyone who has never opened an email after receiving three emails For those who haven’t clicked on any emails in the last three months For those who have already opened more than three emails and have not clicked on any CTA within the email For those who have already opened the email marketing, clicked on the CTAs and never made a purchase. Within the segmentations based on a user profile.

Possible to highlight uses such as

Shooting for small businesses Shoot for a specific segment Shoot for a specific profile Among all the more advanced possibilities, some tools provide the celebration of scenarios. For example, a user who will receive a series of emails with different CTAs and leading to other series of emails and pages. There is also the possibility to categorize links and  Egypt WhatsApp Number List CTA within marketing emails. So you can target all people who clicked in the last three months on a link for product X or Y. After all, according to Leandro, “one of the main pillars of profitability for e-commerce is purchase frequency. That is, how many times that same consumer buys in your store”. And this can only be achieved from a well-done segmentation work. Avoiding SPAM With the segmentation already well done.

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There are some recommendations

A good example is never buying an email list, always being aware of who unsubscribes (not sending the email back to them), not using words like “free” or “promotion” in the subject, using a trigger tool recognized in the market and not to use generic e-mail addresses, being better to work with corporate e-mails. Increasing the email open Executive List  rate It’s no use creating an excellent marketing strategy if the subject inside the email isn’t catchy enough to attract the customer’s reading. For this, it is extremely necessary to think of a good headline for the subject of the email marketing. To create this title correctly, some precautions need to be taken into account, such as using up to 50 characters, being direct and stimulating the customer’s curiosity, in addition to creating a sense of urgency in them, making clear the benefits of opening.