Interactive Videos Fit Into a Marketing Strategy

You now have an overview of the relevance of Content Marketing itself. Interactive Videos Not only in your Marketing plan, but also in the way it integrates various sectors, in a single approach in order to achieve the main objectives of the company. Content is an essential and indispensable piece in building a brand and in general communication with the consumer, whether to attract truly relevant potential customers , or to increase engagement and improve the experience of the target audience.

Interactive Videos Like a Rolling Stone Interactive Music Video

To launch a new Bob Dylan box set, Sony Music email contact list and Eko decided to promote one of his. Biggest hits through an interactive video that had a great impact and went viral . In just one day, the content already had more than 1 million views. Another point to highlight about this production was. The intelligence of the team in including a “guide” during the execution of the video, which was a great. Help so that everyone understood how it worked and could really interact with the film.

The Jungle Book Interactive Video

At the launch of his new film, a live Executive List action, Disney. Along with Wirewax the company that developed. The video offered fans the opportunity to. See up close how this type of filming was done. This action reinforced one of the advantages that we already mentioned of using interactive videos. They allow, by using all available resources, to simplify a concept that could seem a little more complex. In this video we can see the way in which interactive content is aligned with other elements of. The Marketing strategy, such as gamification, very present in this production.

Marketing with a cause. Helping AUTISM

I’ve been wanting to write about it for days. Many days. But thanks to a conversation with Alberto. General Director of the Madrid Autism Federation , I ended up deciding to look for that time that I don’t have, that “we never have.” This is like everything, for important things we must always find time that, on many occasions. Therefore, we have to sacrifice time that we spend on banal things, to invest it in what really contributes to others and to ourselves.

But what is autism

Autism is one of many disorders, better known as autism spectrum disorders (ASD) . In this case it is a complex neurobiological disorder that exists throughout. Therefore, the life of the person who suffers from it. It is characterized by various degrees of disability in communication skills and social abilities. Therefore, but repetitive behaviors are also very characteristic. Symptoms can range from email contact list mild to severe. The mildest of the disorder is the one that many of you have heard about, and it is known as Asperger syndrome.

Marketing spreads messages with a cause, helping to raise awareness

Sometimes we get carried away by the coldness of Marketing. While it is true that many of its practices are mere actions to reach its end. Therefore, which is to sell, we should not focus solely on this premise. That serves only in strategies to sell a product or service. On many occasions, fortunately, Marketing serves to raise awareness, to learn about a disease. Therefore, a social cause or another real Executive List  problem and above.  All, to carry out actions that help correct errors, improve the human quality of some groups. Therefore, the environment. environmental and those most in need.

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The next stage in the progress of calligraphy was in the fifth century. When all written email contact list sources were in Latin. Uncial was almost the most widespread writing style at the time – using uppercase (capital) letters. At the same time, the letters have a round shape and are not connected to each other. Uncial fonts became the basis for modern capital letters. Uncial script became commonly accepted in church life in Britain and Ireland from the sixth to seventh centuries.

Became Known as the Island Type

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