The demand for data

The demand for data. The BIMobject Analyze analysis tool is important to us because it shows the number of downloads for each product or the country in which we see the greatest interest. Sometimes these are quite unexpect places, such as Cambodia. Perhaps this will show us the path to expansion into other markets. Illustration of a globe with BIM product downloads around the world Slowly – but surely – data is becoming the new standard in the construction industry. Do you want to play an important role in a data driven future? Schule a showing How BIM drives innovation in different manufacturing companies Sarah Chase Sarah Chase January.

The need of digitalization in construction

Building Information Modeling changes the way designers photo editing servies learn about products, how they cooperate with the manufacturer and what they ultimately choose. But how can BIM open up new opportunities for manufacturing companies? Be inspir by the stories of VELUX, Rival, Conlux, Icons of Denmark, Electrolux and Roca. This blog is an excerpt from our e book stories of manufacturers using BIM . Why BIM stimulates innovation among construction product manufacturers New processes, technologies and ideas tend to create a domino effect. BIM is no exception. The digital process is the drop that hollows out the rock of the construction industry.

Data plays a key role in architectural design

It is a modernization of how the construction industry designs Executive List operates and develops. It is resigning the entire supply chain in the construction industry. How does a producer fit into this mix? Well, product data is crucial to BIM success. In fact, they can even make or break a deal. Anders Johansen, European Channel Manager at Electrolux , describes his own experience in stories of manufacturers using BIM . Manufacturers ne to be present in the digital world. Architects often say “If you don’t use BIM, you don’t exist for us.” The machine start. Switching to BIM technology is not a matter of “if”, but “when.